Monday, August 11, 2014

Martyr King 25: Exorcising Hervey

The twenty fifth session in the "Legacy of the Martyr King" campaign.

Our heroes finally make it to Ch'malgram, beaten and battered. Alabaster leads them through the streets, past hundreds of reanimate, and up a gigantic Ziggurat where they come to face with Malvriel, a difficult to pronounce, easy to dislike giant cloud of green gas.

Malvriel chastises them them for being so late, and tells them how to get to Breya. The Azcan (Orcs) have their own mini-web of jump gates, whose hub it in Grukara (Orcton). If they can jump into the Hub, they can find the gate marked "Breya" and jump through that. There is an abandoned temple a few days away, and from there they can jump to Grukara.

First things first, it's time to get rid of Hervey. Our heroes head into the Ziggurat, where a Reanimate Priest sucks Hervey out of Nut. The Ghost, now equipped with two shadowy wands, shoots a random d6 ability damage off with every hit, attacking touch at +10/+10/+10/+5/+5/+0. With high hit points and immune to mind affecting and other ailments, he lasts a good few rounds, but is finally defeated by Nut. Hervey's spirit is sucked into a dark soulstone.

Our heroes go back upstairs, where they ask Malvriel if they can have some Dark Soulstones. Malvriel replies that they can have Alabastor's. Our heroes struggle with this as Alabastor slowly begins to flee. Aymeric, overcome by soulstone-lust, goes to cut the reanimate down. Maven goes after him, out-quicks the Ninja, then out Strengths the Inquisitor. Alabastor escapes. The Old Man indeed!

Our heroes go into the jungle and come across the temple, where they find two T-Rexes guarding their eggs. The plan is for Castor to fly around the jungle, leading the T-Rexes on a merry chase. Then, the rest of the heroes (and Patrick) will sneak in invisible and jump.

It's a good plan, but the invisible party approaches the nest before Castor has led the T-Rexes away. The T-Rexes, blessed with exceptional scent, immediately go after them and a fight ensures. Nut, staying invisible, goes to uncover the Jumpgate, and Aymeric teleports after him and helps. Castor, after bombing a few eggs, makes a beeline for the jumpgate but is grabbed and swallowed by a T-Rex. Luckily, he stinkbombs his way out. Maven is swallowed by a T-Rex, but he heroically glues the T-Rex's mouth shut to prevent any more biting, then cuts his way out of the stomach.

The portal is opened, and our heroes rush through, but not before Castor confusion bombs both T-Rexes (ugh).

On the other side of the portal, Maladrok and an entire retinue of Orcs are waiting. It appears that the heroes have been scried upon, using hair gathered during their torture session. Maladrok greets them happily, as the Orcs begin to chant "Blood Duel! Blood Duel!"

It is December May 10th 2001 A.F. This session took 3 days. Maven got a point of heroic favor for gluing the T-Rex's mouth shut? Our heroes are level 10.

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