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Spine Breaker (Ranger Build)

Spine Breaker
Human Ranger (Two Handed Weapon Style, Guide/Skirmisher)
Carry a big stick, and have the skills to back it up

Spine Breaker is all about hitting people hard.  He wields a falchion for the crit and damage, and has resources to expend to go nova.  For the most part, is just a crazy damage dealer.


 1:   Weapon Focus: Falchion, Dodge
 2:   Bonus Feat: Power Attack
 3:   Toughness
 5:   Combat Reflexes, Hunter's Trick: Vengeance Strike
 6:   Bonus Feat: Furious Focus
 7:   Vital Strike, Hunter's Trick: Second Chance Strike
 9:   Improved Critical: Falchion, Hunter's Trick: Chameleon Stand
10:  Bonus Feat: Great Cleave
11:  Critical Focus: Falchion, Hunter's Trick: Deft Stand
13:  Lunge, Hunter's Trick: Surprise Shift
14:  Bonus Feat: Improved Sunder
15:  Sundering Strike, Hunter's Trick: Rattling Strike 
17:  Blinding Critical, Hunter's Trick: Distracting Attack
18:  Bonus Feat: Dreadful Carnage
19:  Iron Will, Hunter's Trick: Tangling Attack


Spine Breaker needs high strength to deal damage, and dex and con to stay alive. Wisdom helps with will saves, but shouldn't go through the roof.  Charisma and Inteligence are dump stats.


Point Buy 15
STR:19 (17+2)
DEX: 14
CON: 14
INT: 7
CHA: 7

Point Buy 20
STR:19 (17+2)
DEX: 16
CON: 14
INT: 7
CHA: 7

Point Buy 25
STR:20 (18+2)
DEX: 14
CON: 16
INT: 7
CHA: 7

Attribute advancement:  Strength all the way.


Spine Breaker has 5 skills a levels.  This isn't terrible, and can be spread around a bit.  Survival and Perception are great (may as well play the part of the Ranger), but not necessary.  Intimidate is useful later on in the build.

How to Play

Get up to people and smack them.  Use Vital Strike when you can't power attack.  Even better, lunge to get full round attacks.  At level 14 and above you get critical stuff, which is always fun.

Compare to...

Teddy Rosy:  The Spine Breaker has better saves and over double skill points.  He can also burn resources to rock and roll.  However, Teddy Rosy starts off stronger for the first 5 or so levels, no question.

Natural Killer


Reactionary: +2 to initiative.  Everybody loves initiative.
Carefully Hidden: +1 to Will saves (and a minor additional bonus)

What He Looks Like Each Level
(assuming no magic gear, 20pt buy)

Level 1: Attacking at +6 (18-20/x2) for 2d4+6 damage.  +8 (18-20/x2) for 2d4+8 one enemy a day. 13 Hit Points, AC 20/14/16.  Saves: 4/5/1 and 5 skill points.

Level 4: Attacking at +8 (18-20/x2) for 2d4+13 damage. +10 (18-20/x2) for 2d4+15 against three enemies a day. 44 Hit Points, AC 20/14/16.  Saves: 6/7/2, 20 skill points.  

Level 8: Attacking at +14/+6 (18-20/x2), dealing 2d4+16.  +18/+10 (18-20/x2), dealing 2d4+20 against three enemies a day.  Can Vital Strike. Reroll attacks at a -5 penalty or take opportunity attacks when allies are hit four times a day. 84 Hit Points, AC 20/14/16. Saves: 8/9/3, 40 skill points.

Level 12: Attacking at +19/+10/+5 (15-20/x2), dealing 2d4+21. +25/+16/+11 (15-20/x2), dealing 2d4+27 against four enemies a day.  Great Cleave.  Can move twice speed, stand up without provoking or above tricks 6 times a day.  AC 20/14/16.  Saves 10/11/5. 60 skill points.  ("Favored Enemy" DPR against average AC is 75.)

Level 16:  Attacking at +23/+13/+8/+3 (15-20/x2), dealing 2d4+24.  +31/+21/+16/+11 (15-20/x2), dealing 2d4+32 against 6 enemies a day. Can lunge & sunder on crits.  In addition to above tricks, can shaken enemies with hits or move 5 feet as a swift action 8 times a day.  164 Hit Points, AC 20/14/16.  Saves 12/13/6.  80 skill points.

Level 20:  Attacking at +28/+17/+12/+7 (15-20/x2), dealing 2d4+28.  +38/+27/+22/+17 against 7 enemies a day.  On every Crit can Blind and sunder.  In addition to above tricks, additional debuffs 10 times a day. Sunders at a +28. HP: 204. AC 20/14/16.  Saves: +14/+15/+9.  40 skill points.

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