Friday, July 25, 2014

Martyr King 16: The High Temple of Darkness

Adventure log for the sixteenth session in the "Legacy of the Martyr King" campaign.

Our heroes journey south and west, where they catch a ferry across to Narset. They then make their way across the mountains to Karem-Kora, the capital. The whole journey takes about three weeks.

In Karem-Kora they look around a bit, noting the temple of the God-King suspended over the river Niv. Then they head over to the High Temple of Darkness. Here they talk with a lower priest, then tell him their story. He reveals the symbol of darkness on our heroes wrists (how did they get there?) and takes our heroes to the high priest. On the way, our heroes realize that they are in the top floor of a sunken minaret - the obsidian minaret to be precise.

The High Priest tells them a story.

“In the beginning, there was the one god and the void. For many eons, the one God was happy and proud to play in the void. However, one day, The One God grew tired and lonely. He desired a companion.

"However, he could not simply make a companion. He could not share eternity with a creature of his own creation. This creature had to be new and surprising to him, or else he could not respect it.

"So he gave a small piece of his power to 6 spirits, and asked them to create a companion for him. The spirits were: Air, Earth, Fire, Water, Light, and Dark. The One God asked these spirits to create a world, and a species, and set them in motion, such that one day an individual could appear who would be equal to his attention.

"So Fire and Water cooperated, and Water provided the basis for the terrestrial sphere, and Fire flew to the heavens and created the sun, warming the world. Earth and Air cooperated, splitting the world equally between them at the horizon. However, when the next Gods took the world in their hands, Light betrayed Dark. Instead of equally providing the basis and energy for life, Light sent Dark out into the void and created life in his own image. Dark was forced to skirt the boundaries of reality and plot his own return.

"So it went for many eons. The One True God was displeased with Light’s treachery, but protected the creatures of the earth from the one-sided pull of Light’s power. Man came to be, and, after hundreds of Generations, a woman appeared who appealed to the one God. The One True God built himself a house that would sap all his own powers and took the Woman to it and retreated from the world forever.

"However, the One True God had taken a liking to man. He knew that as soon as he left, the God of Light would begin using the power of man for his own goals. So, the one True God created weapons that could be used to kill a god. Should man ever desire to throw off the yoke of the God of Light, man should take up these weapons to defeat him. All of the Gods promised to protect these weapons. The Gods knew that the weapons would help keep the balance, should any individual God gain too much power.”

The High Priest pauses in his story. These are the weapons that the heroes need to take up. They have to destroy the God of Light with the weapons. The weapons are kept here, in the High Temple of Darkness, under the control of the weakest God, the God of Darkness. He does not know why the Heroes have been chosen, but if they defeat all 6 guardians of the weapons, then they will have proven themselves.

The High Priest of Darkness continues his story.

“However, the One True God underestimated man. When the One True God left, and the age of Eden was over, Man learned to use the powers of the Gods. They sapped the energy of the Gods through soulstones, and borrowed great portions of energies using magic.

"The God of Light was the most hurt. Because his essence was seen as the purest and most useful, his home and powers were severely weakened by Man’s Greed.

"And so, the Gods decided to end Man’s power. The Gods destroyed 15 soulstones simultaneously, breaking the boundaries between the worlds and opening dangerous and unstable gateways to their homes. Splinter Zones littered the land, and the Golden Age of Man ended in cataclysm.”

Castor realizes that he only knows of 14 shatter zones. The last shatter zone is unaccounted for.

Our heroes buy buffs, then head down into the minaret to face the guardians of the weapons.

The fire guardian deals some damage with a fire wall and scorching ray, but is ultimately dispatched (Nut is both blinded and invisible, basically sitting this one out). The water guardian, a gigantic crocodile, is one-shotted by Saffron before he can push our heroes into shark infested water. The swarms of wasps that represent the air guardian deal some damage but are overcome. The earth guardian, a gigantic shone golem, is almost one-shotted by Saffron. The guardian of darkness deals 5 strength damage to Saffron, but is overcome.

All that remains is the guardian of light!

It is now of August 16th, 2000 A.F. This session took 3 weeks. Nut got heroic favor for being blind and invisible.  Our heroes played this session at level 8.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Martyr King 15.5: The Red Dreams

Dreams after the 15th session in the "Legacy of the Martyr King" campaign.

Under the strange heat of the Red Splinter Zone, our heroes' lives seem to bake and twist. Nights are strange and disorienting, the dreams even more so.

Castor receives a vision from the Bomblord. He is back in the Crimson Minaret, back on the gigantic See-Saw, but this time the see-saw balances on six sides. On each side he sees an element, and he looks in confusion to the God of Fire, the Bomblord only a minor god below him. The Bomblord looks at Castor with pleading eyes. Then, the See-Saw begins to tilt down towards the side of light. Down, down it tilts, as the God of LIght becomes heavier and heavier, until the See-Saw overturns.

Maven receives a vision from the Old Man. The dream is strange and unclear - all of Maven's communications with the Old Man have been waning as of late. He sees a white light that streaks down towards a featureless plane made only of Opal. This falling star strikes the plane, and the ground turns white from horizon to horizon. Where there once was the falling star, there is only now the Old Man. When Maven awakes, he realizes that his ring, which used to be made of Opal, has turned white.

Aymeric receives a vision but he does not know who from. In it the Martyr King is demonic, sitting on a throne made of Soulstone. He laughs, and takes a tiny glass carving of Cain in his hand. Then he crushes it, and the world shakes.

Saffron sees a land unfamiliar to her. It is a land of tall trees with red leaves and singing birds, a land of long days and warm nights. She sees elves wandering the land, apparently at peace. They look as though they are home. Then she sees the man with the silver band around his head. The man steps through a Jumpgate and appears at Remi's side, whispering poison in his ear.

Nut sees Hervey Dunt, as he does every night. But now, the dream has changed. Nut sees Gordon Rodon dancing with the mysterious woman. Then, Nut's knife is through Gordon's heart, and the official falls. Hervey comes forward to to take Gordon's place in the dance, but the woman turns away. She flees, tears streaming, and then jumps ... and down she falls.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Martyr King 15: The Crimson Minaret

Adventure log for the fifteenth session in the "Legacy of the Martyr King" campaign.

Our heroes are nursed back to health in the Pruhan capital. There they meet the Black Han member Fermy Falan, and are offered three soulstones by the King if they can save his people from the Tessian Siege.

After some experimentation, it is discovered that normal people can pass through the jumpgates if the gates are slathered in the blood of all 5 adventurers. The vague plan is to teleport everybody out to another minaret, but no options look good. The logistics of feeding 20,000 people through a doorway seems daunting.* However, the King requests that our heroes head north to activate the crimson minaret.

Our heroes are teleported out of the city and begin their trek. The first night Nut zones out during his shift. The next morning he discovers that Hervey's magic wand is gone.

The land is something like scottish highlands and bog. There are frequent fogs, a cool clear fog or a warm oily fog, depending on which way the wind is blowing. They also being to see the dull red glow of the splinter zone to the east.

That day, they are attacked by a few monks from Saffron's order, as eel as a splinter zone beast. The monks tell Saffron that Remi, the self styled Martyr King Reborn, demands that she return the plant. The monks are dispatched, and the one left alive for questioning is beaten to death by Saffron.

Our heroes take a second to talk about the plant. After some discussion, Nut suggests that they all pour some blood on it. Low and behold, the seedling blossoms and begins to grow.

A few days later they arrive at the Crimson Minaret, having ridden their horses to death. Well, Saffron's horse survived, but she decided to fisticuffs coup-de-gras it for good measure.

Inside the Crimson Minaret, a fight against constructs on a See-Saw is had. It is well balanced.

Our heroes activate the jumpgate with a yellow soulstone, slather their blood around, and people begin funneling through. Our heroes are given new horses, the old ones are eaten, and goodbyes are said. Off to Karem-Kora, capital of Narset!

It is now of July 26th, 2000 A.F. This session took 8 days weeks, three of which could be crafted in, four of which were spent in captivity. Who got heroic favor? Our heroes played this session at level 7, but have just leveled up to level 8.

* This is all thoroughly researched.

The average person on rations will eat about 3 pounds of food and water a day (Nutritionists suggest 4.7 pounds of food, .5 pounds of water for a normal day, so rations are slim). For 20,000 people, that's 60,000 pounds.

The average horse can carry approximately 100 pounds for 12 hours without getting tired. If each horse is loaded up, that's 600 horse trips in one day.

Lets assume there is a half an hour walk to the storehouse. With 600 horses each horse only has to make one trip, and we will assume they do it simultaneously. Not a problem, that's only 1 hour total. Loading up each horse takes approximately 15 minutes, and unloading also takes 15 minute so that's another half an hour (also assuming 600 horse loaders and unloaders). So that's an hour and a half for each simultaneous trip.

Okay, so we are at 1:30 assuming we have 600 horses. But we don't. We have 50 horses, as the rest were killed in the war or already eaten for food. So now we 50 horses making 600 trips, or 12 trips each. Each trip takes an 1:30 total, so we have 18 hours total. This isn't including organizational or logistical issues.

Of course, there is a more fundamental problem, that there is no warehouse full of food and water near any jumpgate. There is a city near the copper minaret, but that's at least a 6 hour trek for horses through a jungle. Not including getting them up and down the stairs of the copper minaret.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Martyr King 14: Maven's Father

Adventure log for the fourteenth session in the "Legacy of the Martyr King" campaign.

After investigating the armor, our heroes rouse the sorcerer Clark ... except that he's not Clark. His name is Michael Paltry, and he's been hiding out in this tower, killing adventurers and selling their stuff. The bard lures them in, and Michael kills them through traps and, you guessed it, Grizzly bears (its also a good way to grind!). Clark and Beledie (the hero who owned the armor), have been dead for many centuries. After much deliberation, our heroes decide that they like Michael's business plan, and promise to spare his life if he works as their research assistant. Michael hastily agrees.

In the bowels of the Minaret, our heroes find some magically preserved tomes from Clark Laurent. They find little about the tower, but Aymeric makes some discoveries about the soulstones. Evidently "Light" is the power that animates living things, "Dark" is the power that animates the undead. Clark seems to avoid the standard associate of undead and evil.

Deciding that the bard should pay, our heroes go to town and confront Fabguy, who immediately begins writing a song in their honor. Our heroes take him outside, and threaten to kill him, but Fabguy offers a information exchange, explaining that he knows the location of some Dorian scouts. Our heroes agree, and Aymeric simply brands his forearm with "(Lyre)LIAR(Flute)."

Our heroes stumble upon the scouts, who reign down arrows - however, the arrows are all but rendered innocuous by one of Castor's spells, saving much health. A relic walker is with them, the soulstone powered war machines that the Dorians have made but it is taken down along with the scouts and the soulstone is retrieved. Then our heroes head back to the Slate Minaret and activate the Jumpgate. Michael nervously greets them.

Nut pops through to say hello to Adrianne and is automatically paralyzed by a defensive spell. Adrianne, however is happy to see them. All well over all.

Our heroes continue north to Wintershire, Maven's home town, a journey that takes about 3 weeks. He is greeted by a childhood friend (now a cripple, preventing him from being drafted), who is sad to inform him that Maven's mother is dead. He leaves the rest of the explaining to "the paladin."

A paladin is at the gravesite. He greets Maven with love, and introduces himself as Maladrok. He then removes his helmet - he is an orc. And he is Maven's father.

Maladrok explains that he could not see Maven because he took, and broke, a vow of chastity. It would be too obvious to have him around. He also explains that he knows nothing of "The Old Man" (Maven's mysterious god) but that he instead worships the ideal of "Justice." He says that two assassins came in the night and killed Maven's mother. Maladrok killed one and gave the other a nasty scar. He also took the Dorian holy symbol from them.

The party tells Maladrok of their travels. Maladrok says that they must hurry to the capital, and they do (but not before Maven spreads some money around Wintershire).

They enter the Tessian capital and are given fancy rooms. Then, at dinner, they meet the new king Henry Brecht, a brooding, blonde haired young man with a gigantic broadsword which he carries everywhere. The king grills them on their travels, and our heroes begin to get suspicious.

Then the poison sets in.

Nut (not surprisingly) and Maven (surprisingly) drift quickly into unconsciousness. Henry and Maladrok stand up and draw their swords. "Put down your weapons and surrender." Aymeric and Castor briefly consider fighting, but the king and the anti-paladin appear to be high in their "season of adventure," and there are dozens of guards. Castor throws a stink bomb at the king, and then he and Aymeric and beaten into obscurity by guards.

They each wake up tied to chairs in small cells. Then, they are tortured for a few days. Thanks to some good will rolls and self-less actions, Nut, Aymeric, and Castor only tell them about their personal backstories, but nothing else. Maven tells them nothing.

Maven gets a few visits from his father, who appears to show some sincere remorse for the betrayal. Evidently, the plan is to go to the Dorians and split the continent between them. The Tessians are going to throw in the "False Martyrs" to sweeten the deal.

Oh, also - There were no Dorian assassins. Maladrok killed Maven's mother himself, to curry favor with the Dorians. They wanted her dead for some reason. He also killed the old Tessian king, helping Henry take control.

After a few days of torture, our heroes are put in a cage and paraded through the town and then at the head of the Tessian army, where they head back south. The army is large. Five or six hundred cavalry, and over two thousand troops. After three miserable weeks of attempting to break free, they finally reach their destinations.

They meet the Dorians in a large open field. The army is about a third relic walkers (the entire front line) and 2/3rds Dorian monks in light blue and Dorian agents in black leather armor. Also, they have the Beast with them: a giant golden armadillo machine studded with yellow soulstones. It’s about 30 feet tall.

Azriel, the Avatar of Light, is with them. The two armies face each other. the Tessian army far outnumbers the Dorians, who have only about 500. The Avatar goes forward to meet Henry and Maladrok, and Henry begins greeting him and offering him peace terms. They will split the continent in half, etc. The Avatar is as tall as Henry is on his horse. The Avatar is close to Henry, when he suddenly sees the group in the cage. His body bursts into light and his wings go wild, and he suddenly strides with inhuman speed towards the captives. Henry lightheartedly protests, and cuts the Angel off, and Azriel slices Henry's head off and continues towards the heroes.

Maladrok gets in the way and blocks and swing of the Angel, causing his shield to careen towards the cage. A second swing and Maladrok to teleports away, inches away from certain death.

The Dorian army is beginning to cast spells and lumber forward, and the Tessian army is still shocked as Azriel reaches the heroes, his massive glowing sword raised in over his head. He brings it down – and suddenly there is a flash of black and purple and time slows down.

A second angel appeals. This one is purely black, glowing dark purple. He looks virtually identical to Azriel except for the color scheme. He has blocked Azriel’s blade and pushes him back. The fight between the armies starts in slow motion behind them, and it is clear that the Tessian have already lost. Bolts and glowing spheres fly from the Dorian army, exploding and sending Tessians flying. Horses are rearing and already the infantry are beginning to rout.

The battle between Azriel and the black angel at first seems evenly matched. But with every blow (which looks and sounds like a lightning strike), the black angel seems to be weakening. They spin and turn, using their wings as fluid weapons nearly as much as their swords.

Suddenly, the heroes hear a voice inside their heads. As the voice speaks, the battle continues in slow motion, and the duel between the two angels intensifies.

I am Demphiel, Avatar of Darkness. Azriel is far stronger than I on the mortal plane, and I cannot hold out for long. I do not have much time and neither does your world. The God of Light desires the slavery of the human race, to repay the power you took from him so long ago. Go to the High Temple of Darkness in Narset. Speak to the High Priest of Darkness. Show him my sign. He will tell you what to do.”

For just a moment, our heroes find themselves in a vast black space, where dark purple shapes float far and near. There is no air, and they are suffocating.

Moments later they hit the ground in a large room. There is a sudden uproar as many people jump to their feet. Screams and gasps, and our heroes black out.

They slowly come to over the next few days, exhausted from the weeks of torment. It becomes apparent that they have been teleported to the capital of Pruhan, which is currently under siege by Tessia.

It is the evening of July 18th, 2000 A.F. This session took 7 weeks, four of which could be crafted in, four of which were spent in captivity. Heroic Favor goes to Aymeric for branding the bard. Our heroes played this session at level 7.

In this map, Yellow is the Northern Alliance, Red is the Western and Eastern Coalitions (which have basically banded together in a group called "The Guardians"), and Blue is the Dorians.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Martyr King 13: Bayka's Ambush and the Slate Minaret

Adventure log for the thirteenth session in the "Legacy of the Martyr King" campaign.

Saffron calls out to her companions moments before her bow is shattered. Moments laters she brought down to negative hit points by a furious Bayka, taking revenge for his defeat n the boat. The inquisitor looks non-plussed. "Well that was easy."

Bayka waits a round, calling for Aymeric to face him, for the heroes to rouse themselves. All do except Aymeric, who is a very sound sleeper! Bayka deals a brutal amount of damage, and has a fairly large AC. A few De-buff are stacked on him, which is good, and the fight looks even better when he gets glued to the ground. However, Bayka teleports around. After a few good wakizashis and bombs to the face, Bayka teleports/explodes away again.

Our heroes take a moment to examine the cube they received a while back once more. Nut is able to pull out a small white pane of glass from the center. The pane seems to register our heroes, but nothing else - not the horses, not the trees, not the campfire.

A few days later, our heroes come across a traveling bard (with some magical ability) entertaining a group of Augerians. The Bard is singing "The Legend of Sorcerer Laurent," and Maven recognizes the tune and joins in. He then chastises the Bard for having such a bad build.

The Bard, who introduces himself as "Fabguy Babrick the Bold," and seems like a trustworthy fellow, convinces our heroes to defeat the famous sorcerer Clark Laurent in his tower not too far from here. Wealth and fame is promised! Castor is reluctant to deviate from the course, but the tower is only an hour's walk from here.

When our heroes reach the tower, it becomes clear that it is the top few stories of a Slate Minaret that has sunk into the earth. Our heroes enter the minaret, detect a trap, and Nut goes about disarming it. When it looks like agile maneuvering might be needed, Castor casts fly on himself and reduce person on Maven. However, the trap gets harder and harder to disarm with every wire snipped, and when it goes off a gigantic boulder begins rolling towards our crew! Saffron grabs Maven, and the combination Monk, Ninja, and Flying Alchemist easily outpace the rock. On the way, they avoid two zombies and petrify (yes, petrify with a critical) a minotaur.

Our heroes make their way Clark Laurent's living quarters, where they find nothing but junk. Then, Grizzly bears!

Our heroes surmise that they are dealing with an invisible wizard who summons monsters. He's hard to detect, but Saffron is able to place his general area when the wizard mutters his spells. A bomb by Castor entangles Clark (great idea, but it doesn't do much). Nut really saves the day, firing Poisoned Shuriken into random squares. He is very lucky with the 50% miss chance (3 for 3), and through Clark resists the poisons at first, eventually he succumbs. All that is left is the bears.

Our heroes look around and find mostly junk. Fabguy was mistaken after all. However, our heroes do come across an unactivated "Jumpgate," just like the one in the Copper Minaret.

It is the evening of May 29th, 2000 A.F. This session took 4 days. Our heroes played this session at level 7. Saffron earns heroic favor for coming up with the idea of shrinking Maven.

In this map, Yellow is the Northern Alliance, Red is the Western and Eastern Coalitions (which have basically banded together in a group called "The Guardians"), and Blue is the Dorians. You guys are a little bit east of the Midland Capital.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Martyr King 12: The Angel and the King

Adventure log for the twelfth session in the "Legacy of the Martyr King" campaign.

Using the blueprints that Smith has laid out, our heroes sneak into the Castle in the dead of night (Nut stays behind with Patrick to guard the ship). They emerge from some underground tunnels into the wine cellar, where they immediately attract the attention some well trained Auger Royal Guards. Some brief attempts at diplomacy are made, but the fight seems inevitable so our heroes just go for it and kill the four guardsmen.

They head to the throne room. As they get closer they hear the voices of the king and the angel, arguing, each accusing the other of betrayal.

Saffron takes a sneak peek around the corner, and is immediately shaken by the sight of a large, 8 foot tall humanoid dressed in glowing golden armor. He has immense wings that are somewhere between the antlers of a stag and wild tentacles that made of blinding yellow light.

Azriel turns and sees Saffron. He shouts "They told me you were dead! They said the last of you was dead!"

Combat starts. Despite the fact that this is clearly a being of immense power, our heroes charge towards him. However, before the battle can start in earnest, the king uses a scroll and banishes Azriel "back from whence he came." As Azriel disappears, one strand of one of his wings shoots across the room and pierces the king's chest.

Our heroes rush to the side of the king. There is a hole in his chest, and his body is slowly being consumed by yellow fire. He gives the heroes his royal ring and tells them to take it to the king of Tessia, "an old friend." They need to convince the Tessian King to stop warring with his neighbors and band with them against the Dorian Threat. The war is also more advanced then they know. The Northern Alliance has taken a great chunk of the Eastern Alliance, and is now eating away at the Western Alliance (see map). The Dorian armies have just a few days ago started to quietly advance, and our heroes will need to move quickly to outpace it.

Suddenly, Hervey Dunt and his bodyguard Marcus Dawn burst into the room. They are shocked to see the king dying, but when Hervey sees Castor he turns furious. "Where is he? Where is Nut?" He pulls out his "strange metallic wand" and starts shooting peeps.

Marcus deals some massive damage, but an unfortunate critical fumble leaves Saffron with one of his swords. She flees across the room and shoots from a safe distance. Maven is disturbed to see that Hervey's metalic magic missiles go right through his armor, and he backs away as well. Castor and Aymeric get close, and a spiritual weapon critical glops arcane goo onto Hervey.

After a few rounds of heavy damage on both sides, Hervey and Marcus fall. Saffron runs in, shouting something about a tornado, and coup-de-gras them. Aymeric decides to take Hervey's head. Our heroes then loot and hurry out of the castle the same way they came in.

They go back to Smith, where they give him Hervey's head (which he doesn't want... too incriminating). They are surprised to see Nut and Patrick back at Smith's. Evidently, the Salty Stache was searched and burned by Dorian inquisitors. They know that the "False Martyrs" are here. Our heroes decide the best course of action is to trudge the 5 week journey across Mildan to the capital of Tessia and tell the king. They leave the city within the hour, and tell Patrick to meet them in Tessia. Patrick, not having the greatest of relations with our heroes, gives a non-commital response.

That first night, Nut begins having nightmares.

In his sleep he sees a beheaded Hervey Dunt scrambling in the dark. The agent is chasing after a woman that Nut does not recognize. Then, to Nut's surprise, he himself appears, slits the woman's throat, then walks away. Hervey changes course. Now the headless corpse is crawling after him. Hervey gets closer and closer until Nut wakes in a terror.

The dreams happen the next night. And the night after that. And the night after that. Every night, it seems, Nut is being chased by the corpse of Hervey.

A few days out of town, and our heroes grab some horses.

Our heroes are now a week away from Auger. It's Saffron's watch, maybe 1 or 2 in the morning. She hears a half-elven voice call out. "Don't say anything, don't raise the alarm. Saffron is that you?" Saffron nods. Then, a few moments later, Bayka exits invisibility with a hefty swing that just misses her bow. Bayka's all kinds of fucked up looking. His skin has gone an ashen grey, his veins and pupil are glowing yellow light. And the soulstone in his armor is glowing stronger than ever.

It is the early morning of May 25th, 2000 A.F. This session took 9 days. Our heroes played this session at level 6, but just leveled up to level 7. Maven got a point of heroic favor healing people!

In this map, Yellow is the Northern Alliance, Red is the Western and Eastern Coalitions (which have basically banded together in a group called "The Guardians"), and Blue is the Dorians. You guys are just north of the "r" in Auger. Maven lived just south of the second "s" in Tessia.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Martyr King 11: Meeting With Smith

Adventure log for the eleventh session in the "Legacy of the Martyr King" campaign.

No no, not meeting Will Smith, meeting with Smith. Sorry, Will Smith is next session.

More plans are discussed, and it is decided that the best course of action is to have Saffron scout the castle. Our heroes find an inn, then wait for night to fall. Saffron sneaks out at about 1 am, and goes to the castle. She uses her boots of levitation to get over the first wall, then drops and starts levitating up the main castle wall. However, the sheer number of perception rolls going against her (4-6 every round for each guard) combined with some less than stellar stealth rolls results in her being seen.

None-the-less, Saffron continues up to the roof of the Castle. She finds a way in, but the stairway down is completely black. Then, she starts getting shot at from the archers on the turrets. It's not a huge inconvenience, but after an arrow or two she decides to bail. A stealthy leap off the side of the castle, followed by levitation down and a dash to the outer wall sees her escape. Then, it's monk's improved movement away!

The next day, our heroes notice more chatter and guards on the streets.

Castor decides to take the group to the dock district, where they find a seedy looking alchemist at "The Boiling BIle." After some sweet talk, the alchemist directs the heroes to a certain Gerald Parlour, a friend of Smith and of Castor.

They meet up with Gerald, who informs them that Smith is still alive. Things are a bit tense when they notice Informer Joe and Saffron instantly takes him out. To calm things down, Aymeric pulls out his Inquisitorial badge, which just makes Gerald agitated. After some more sweet talk, Gerald take the group to Smith (Informer Joe is left tied and gaged in an alleyway - alive).

Smith is not looking too good. He's scarred, with a bum leg and a bum arm. He reluctantly ushers the heroes inside his crappy house and does some 'splaining.

Evidently, the Dorians have their sights set on the entire continent of Mildan. The Augerian King made a deal with the Dorians - he would provide them with Darkwood if they would grant Auger sovereignty. The Darkwood was provided, and Dorian armies and war machines were shuttled across the inner sea. However, the Dorians began a subtle and bloodless coup. The King is likely still in the castle, along with Hervey Dunt, the Auger secret service agent who defected to the Dorians. There are also rumors of some kind of angelic being in the castle.

Hervey approached Smith, asking him to assist in the coup, using drugs as leverage. When Smith refused, Hervey started taking out his organization. Eventually, Hervey and his bodyguard tracked down Smith at the docks. Hervey attacked with some sort of ancient relic, something like a shiny wand, and Smith fell into the water ... but survived. He's been in hiding ever since.

The Dorians forged an unease alliance with the Sartori, who provided the drugs needed as leverage.

Smith knows a way into the castle. Our heroes could use these tunnels to get inside. But, Smith wants revenge on the Sartori. Take them out for me, would you? Castor readily agrees.

The next day, our heroes head into the woods and seek out the drug lab. They make quick work of a Grizzly Bear, a fleeing animal trainer, and some bits of animal fur (where did those come from? Saffron shrugs her shoulders), they head inside.

They are greeted by five Emut Val-Tee's chugging away at drug making equipment. Emut is surprised to see Castor, but none the less ready to fight. It appears that one of these Emut clones has some degree of sentience and starts chucking bombs. The others wield lab equipment, and are rigged to explode when killed! Main Emut proves to be nasty, but three or four criticals takes him down (sigh).

The place is searched (even that random area in the corner), and some meager drugs and gold is found. But not much.

It is the afternoon of May 16th, 2000 A.F. This session took two days. Our heroes are level 6. Castor got a point of heroic favor for defeating his baddie.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Martyr King 10: The Augerian Regroup

Adventure log for the tenth session in the "Legacy of the Martyr King" campaign.

Frantic plans are made. Saffron is asleep, Nut finally stops laughing, but Aymeric is still a bit dazed. They decide that Nut, Aymeric, and Maven will dress in guard outfits and attempt to nonchalantly leave (carrying Saffron). Castor will fly and drop bombs, providing a distraction.

And what a distraction! The guards arrive, and Castor screams bloody sacrilege, flinging smoke and tanglefoot bombs with impunity. The other heroes attempt to leave, but are stopped by two guards, who find their story suspicious. Just like last week, an inability to come up with convincing lies ultimately drags down the bluff checks, and our heroes find themselves engaged. The two guards are tough, and only Maven and Nut are able to contribute, neither being particularly in his element.

Castor, on the other hand, is finding that the skies, or at least rooftops, are very much his element. By making use of the building roofs, he is able to gain cover against the crossbow men, confuse the melee dudes, and stay out of range of another "Robes." He singlehandedly smokes, glues, and entangled a dozen Dorian guards (though I don't think he actually killed any of them). It's brilliant. An EXTREMELY close call sees Robes fail his concentration check due to entangling, preventing him from telling Nut this really funny joke. That certainly would have been the end for the party in that fight. The only guy Castor does kill, and right in the nick of time, is Robes.

Luckily, our heroes escape from the scene, Castor flying in one direction and the others fleeing quietly in another. About an hour later, they regroup at the boat, and decide to push off, heading east to the suburban village of Treeton.

There is much to discuss. What's the next step? How will they maintain disguises, now that they are wanted men, and at least a handful of people have seen their faces? Did they make the right choices? Would they rather fight a kraken then any more Guards?

A nice magical item is bought to disguise Maven (being a half-orc, he is somewhat conspicuous), and questions are asked around Treeton without too much more information being gleaned. Hervey Dunt is still stalking the streets and inspiring fear, evidently. People don't know that much about the apparent silent coup. Our heroes then head to the castle, which appears to be nearly deserted; a few Dorian Guards, maybe a bureaucrat or servant every few hours . . . nothing like the hustle and bustle that Nut and Castor remember. They question an old receptionist, who, initially gruff, becomes increasing friendly with every passing diplomacy check. However, when Maven explains that he is from Tessia, the woman shrieks and bolts.

Next, our heroes locate an abandoned house in the wealthy district. They stop a rando, who explains that it belonged to a bureaucrat who was kicked out when the Dorians came. However, the rando is increasingly put on edge when the heroes question him, and he scampers when he gets the chance.

Our heroes continue to ponder. Every night Maven receives a similar vision from the Old Man: Save the King. There are many potential courses to take. Simply try to break into the castle? Locate a disgruntled castle worker? Locate some loyal Augerians, perhaps guards? Try to track down Smith? Forget this whole thing and go off in search of another adventure? Kick a puppy? Save a puppy? The choices are endless.

It is now the evening of May 14th. This session took 3 days (the 12th, 13th, and 14th). It was played at level 6.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Martyr King 9: Dungeon and Dragon

Adventure log for the ninth session in the "Legacy of the Martyr King" campaign.

Let's take a few steps back, to a non-cannon event on the ship.

A few days ago, on the Salty Stache, our heroes were getting a bit of cabin fever. They decided to stop off at one of the many tropical islands in the inner sea to take a look around and explore the Golden Age ruins. Castor decided to stay back to brew and mend relations with Patrick.

After not too much exploring, our heroes come across a gigantic temple. They search around until they find a door... a door to a good old fashion dungeon crawl!

Immediately upon opening the door, our heroes are greeted with the stench of sickly sweet flowers. Once the smell dissipates, they are faced with five levers of varying sizes and materials. A sign says "Seek Wealth and Enter" in Arcane. Aymeric is able to read the runes on the switches and find the runes for wealth. Flip is switched, and stairs appear (I also would have accepted an appraise check!).

A staircase leads them down to a corridor with a foot or two of dank, opaque water. Maven trudges through it without issue, and examines an adventurer's corpse at the end of the hallway, staying a bit away from it. When the others attempt to cross the hallway, they are attacked by plants who attempt to drag them under the water. However, Aymeric and Maven set up a rope to help guide everybody across. Liberal use of ropes this session.

The corpse is some kind of haunt, but little attention is paid to it. Maven darts in, loots the adventurer of his Spiked +1 Shield, and darts out again.

Maven open the next door and is immediately hit by the spell sucking power of some strange purple crystals. Saffron steps up and shoots them. They are brittle and easily destroyed.

The next room has a chest with a 50 foot deep, 25 foot wide chasm between it and our heroes. Saffron leaps across to open the chest, which transforms into a mimic! Things get very hairy for a few turns, as nobody else is able to help as much as they would like. Still, it's well played. Saffron gets off a volley before she goes down into negatives. Maven does some long range channeling, and invites the mimic to move a square forward. Aymeric casts spiritual weapon. Nut struggles, but throws two shruiken for one damage each. The second time he does this, the one damage kills the Mimic! Saffron would have been dead for sure!

Next room has an 100 foot chasm, a mechanical horse with wings, and a stone. Each player either rides the horse across, or gets "fly" cast on him by the stone and makes a fly check. Saffron and Nut get across first, and open next the door without waiting for the others. A giant troll emerges! Oops! The fight, however, is brief, and the troll is pwned, then burned.

Next room has a giant stone frowning face, and three symbols: A man creating a table, a man singing, and a man selling goods. There is also a sign in arcane: "Entertain me, Create for Me, Work for Me." Our heroes make Profession (Nut - Sailor), Craft (Saffron - Bow), and Perform (Nut - Juggling) checks. However, each failed check results in LIGHTNING TO THE FACE. But they make it by.

Next room is a corridor with a tripwire that ends in a dead end. Nut ascertains that the tripwire will drop the floor, and he attempts to rig up a device to set it off from afar.

Whoops. It goes off and he falls into a room. A room with a Giant Red Lizard with Wings.

He immediately gets a face-full of fire, and our other heroes jump to the rescue. Flanking is had, wings are buffetted, and claws are raked. Our heroes notice the way the creature is dragging its tail and decide to name it a "Drag-On."

Finally, Saffron decides to end its misery. She flurries, gets two hits and a crit for double damage, and sets the new record for damage in one turn: 67. The place is looted (10,000 gp and some great magic items), and all go home happy.

This session took no time and was played at level 6.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Martyr King 8: The Guard Fight

Adventure log for the eigth session in the "Legacy of the Martyr King" campaign.

Our heroes arrive in Auger, dock, and then ask the Dockmaster and Auger Guards a few questions in addition to making their own observations. Here is what they come up with.

Over the past few months, Dorian Guards, Soldiers, and Agents have slowly been replacing the Auger Guards. This is, in theory, to help buffer the peaceful state against the militaristic struttings of the Northern Alliance. The Dorians seem to be keeping the peace better than the Auger Guards were, and there is no strong sense of oppression. There are no drug dealers to be found, and the streets seem cleaner and quieter - overall an improvement for the lawful of the group.

It also seems clear that nobody really knows what is going on. Neither the Dockmaster nor the Guards have a clear sense of who is giving these orders. They simply get their personal orders, which is usually to treat the Dorians like kin.

Also, the Dorian ships have been setting up to the west, where (we can only assume) a large Dorian camp is. Almost no Dorian ships dock at the main Auger docks.

All of this is disconcerting.

Castor and Nut decide that to get more information, they should pay their old friend Smith a visit. They go to his warehouse, only to find it deserted. However, a shady looking man in a cloak beckons them closer, and offers to take them to Smith's new residence. Aymeric thinks this is fishy, and senses the shit out of his motive. Dude be lying! When the conversation turns ugly the guy bolts, but Saffron takes him down with some nonlethal arrows.

Our heroes drag him inside the warehouse, tie him up, and then wake him. He spends the next few second screaming at the top of his lungs before Nut clocks him a good one. They gag him and discuss. Aymeric dons his inquisitor outfit, Castor uses disguise self to look like a Dorian guard, and Saffron goes to a window to lookout for approaching enemies.

The dude is woken back up, threatened, and then his gag is removed. He explains that his job is to look for shady fellows and sends them to the Dorians. He usually catches people trying to follow Smith's trail. Evidently Smith escaped from the Dorians.

Saffron hears many boots coming. They will be here in about a minute. The heroes discuss what to do, and decide to hide, clobbering the dude unconscious again. Castor stands outside, looking like a Dorian Guard.

Five crossbow men, four guards with swords and shield, and one guy in robes approach. They do not see through Castor's disguise, and Castor does a pretty good job of bluffing for a while. But, eventually, he runs out of answers (Who is your superior officer? Where are you stationed? Why are you here? Why are you in your uniform?). A fight ensues!

And what a fight! Hopelessly outgunned, our heroes refuse to give up. Highlights include: Nut spending the entire combat under the effects of Hideous Laughter. Saffron with some poor shooting, culminating in critically fumbling a Drow Poison arrow and poisoning herself. Maven standing in the thick of things, unsuccessfully shield bashing but successfully healing. Aymeric spending a few turns buffing and closing in, only to be turned by a charm person. Castor bombing the bottleneck, then burning two points of heroic favor to explode Robes. The informer dude breaking out of his bonds, going to steal nut's Wakizashi's then changing his mind and fleeing. Then finally, Aymeric intimidating everybody with a nice 27, leading to a rout.

However, the rout is really not the best option. Our heroes now have five guards all running in opposite directions, yelling for backup. Nut has finally stopped laughing but Saffron is unconscious and Aymeric is pissed at Castor for blowing up his magically induced buddy.

This session took only about two hours. It is still May 12th.

This session was played at level 5. Castor earned another point of heroic favor for taking out Robes (by using two points of heroic favor)

Monday, July 14, 2014

Martyr King 7: Floating Reef

Adventure log for the seventh session in the "Legacy of the Martyr King" campaign.

Our heroes are only a day or two from Auger when they are awoken in the night by a loud crunch and rending of wood. Rubbing sleep out of their eyes and hastily grabbing their weapons, our run upstairs and see that the ship has crashed into a large floating reef. If that wasn't bad enough, the sail is aflame, and skeletons (and skeleton archers, and a skeleton ogre) are attacking! The fight is a tough one, as the skeleton archers are pelting away and Saffron is busy putting out the fire. Castor goes down for a bit, but Maven brings him back up. During the chaos, the sail all but burns away, leaving the ship stranded.

After fighting off the skeletons, and chastising a drunk Patrick who fell asleep at the post, our heroes go off to loot another wreck in the reef for a sail. They board a ship, are attacked by two shadows who are immune to mundane attacks and drain a good deal of strength and dex damage, then find a sail. They also raid the captains quarters, setting off two traps and grabbing some treasure, including four golden statues from Karindora. A journal tells a chilling tale of this unfortunate ship's crash, then the loss of crew of a monster.

On the way back, and already low on resources and attributes, they are attacked by a Deathweb who had been using the reef as a gigantic web for boats. Nut quickly throws the recently looted bead of force, dealing some damage and trapping the undead spider in a bubble of force. They position themselves around the spider in flanking position, buff, then clobbler the spider when he emerges. Good thing too! He deals massive damage, cleaves, and has a swarm of poisonous spiders around him. Whew! If it wasn't for that bead of force, this may have been a TPK.

Nut is poisoned by the spiders, and begins to take a whopping d4 strength a turn. With only 10 strength to start, this could spell death in a mere 3 turns, and with a poison DC of 17, two consecutive saves to cure, and a fort save of +1, things aren't looking good. To make matters worse, the reef crumbles leaving our heroes in the water! Everyone chugs a potion of the sea!

Nut and Maven drop their golden idols, which were weighing them down a whole heck of a lot. Maven struggles in his full-plate and strength damage from the ghosts, but gets to a bit of floating wood. Nut uses two consecutive points of heroic favor to auto-save his from his poison and barely makes it to the wood.

Aymeric, strong as an ox, drags his golden idol to the raft and secures it.

Castor, though his swim skills aren't the best, refuses to let go of the idol. He flounders underwater, hoping against hope that he can surface with it. Nut takes a running leap from the raft, and throws him a rope, and then a weakened (strength 4?) Maven drags him in.

Patrick and Saffron move to pick them up. Two golden idols are saved, valued at 5,000 gp each! They take three days getting to Auger, and another day at anchor nursing their attribute damage.

This session took 4 days. It is now May 12th.

This session was played at level 5. Castor earned a point of heroic favor for having the foresight to craft potions of the sea while at sea!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Martyr King 6.5: Turbulent Seas, Turbulent Sleep

Dreams after the sixth session in the "Legacy of the Martyr King" campaign.

It is a terrible night at sea. Storms wrack the ship, and the dreams of our heroes are disturbed.

Castor receives a vision from the Bomblord. In it, he sees all of Cain as one giant potion, with gigantic white hands pouring in six liquids: One yellow, one black, one blue, one brown, one red, and one clear. But something goes wrong, and the yellow consumes the black, then moves on to consume the rest. The potion shines so bright that Castor cannot bear to look at it.

Maven receives a vision from the Old Man. All of Mildan is enflamed, and at war. The Northern Alliance, swollen with arms and men, moves to strike all other countries, to consume them. Then, his vision changes. He sees the Auger Crown fighting with some shining Angelic beast, but the crown is failing. The Old Man speaks to Maven. "You must save the King."

Aymeric receives a vision from the Martyr King. The King himself is surrounded by Dorian inquisitors, who pull out steely knives inlaid with soulstones and stab the King to death. They bend down to drink his blood, and from his corpse craft a thousand iron men, who move east to ravage the lands. They take his body and craft three gigantic metal creature, one for the Sky, one for the Sea, and one for the Land.

Saffron sees her master fleeing across the Deadlands, bruised and beaten. Remi sits on a white throne, and beside him stands a man she does not recognize. The man has a thin silver band on his forehead, and whispers in Remi's ear. The Deadlands are suddenly aflame with the red bonsai, grown fully into gigantic red trees, and from their shadows an army emerges and sweeps down to the south, pillaging and burning.

Nut sees Hervey Dunt, cleansing Auger of all evil. He has donned a Dorian inquisitor's suit, and the Dorians have presented him an ancient artifact. Powdy lies dead in the street, his body punctured with a thousand tiny holes. His blood forms an arrow that points the Nut, and through his blood Hervey Dunt walks, a bodyguard at his side.

Our heroes wake up, sweating. They suddenly realize that there is far more going on here than they know.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Martyr King 6: Hara the Witch

Adventure log for the sixth session in the "Legacy of the Martyr King" campaign.

Our heroes continue on their way to Hara the Witch. As the days pass, they get the sense that they are being watched, which gradually gives way to being herded. Wolves howl in the night, and in the day they seem to close in around our party, leaving only one way to go. Luckily that is the way to Hara.

After about a week of travel, our heroes arrive at the overgrown ruins of a large city, made entirely of white stone. Trees and moss are slowly grinding the blocks down into dust. The wolves are all around them now, keeping a safe distance, but howling and growling all the same. There must be hundreds.

Finally, our heroes arrive at Hara's lair, which appears to be the base of a large toppled tower made of white stone. Tentatively, they journey inside, where the trees and foliage are overgrown, and massive trunks are the only thing keeping the ceiling up. They reach a clearing in the "woods" where Hara sits flanked by two wargs. In the center of the clearing is a dire-wolf pup, who appears to be hooked up to some sort of wooden cauldron contraption. Castor takes one look and determines that this is how she is controlling the wolves. Saffron drops her bow and greets the fellow half-elf archer.

Hara opens her mouth and out comes gibberish, a bizarre amalgamation of a variety of languages and wolf sounds. Aymeric is able to decipher it, and initiates conversation. However, Hara appears to be only interested in the human's immediate surrender. Our heroes decide that they would rather just fight the witch than try to convince her of her ways, and so they do.

Hara opens the combat by causing vines to grow around our hero's legs, impeding their movement. Saffron runs after the witch, trying to channel her monk training and punch the enemy (only partially successfully). Nut runs to disarm the cauldron (successfully) then joins the combat. Aymeric judges a worg unworthy and takes him out. Castor shuffles around the battlefield, dragging yards of vines, and chucks bombs where he can. Maven runs into the fray again, and is again knocked down and gnawed on by wolves.

But eventually, Hara falls. Our heroes grab the dire-wolf pup and leave, noting how the wolf tribes are now in-fighting and fleeing. The dire-wolf pup is met with mixed feelings, and, after some halfhearted attempts to train him, he is released into the wild.

Another week's travel brings our heroes to Dail, a town of about 1,000. Patrick goes to a large building which is proudly labeled: "Fitzgibbons & Fitzgibbons: The Fitzgibbonses." He greets his many sisters, then heads upstairs to confront his father. Evidently, Mr. Fitzgibbons wants Patrick to help him run the family trading business, but Patrick would rather be a sailor. When Patrick explains that he promised our heroes passage to Auger, Mr. Fitzgibbons is annoyed. But, a Fitzgibbons always pays his debts.

He gives Patrick a moldy old tub and tells him that it is his duty to captain it across the inner sea. Patrick has mixed feelings about this, but is honor-bound to obey.

Our heroes go shopping and discuss tactics.

After a week in town, our heroes head off on their journey. Castor makes some improvement to the ship, and they are attacked by a devil fish. They are now within a day or two of making port in Auger.

This session took 7 weeks, or 49 days. It is now May 8th.

Played this session at level 4, but just leveled up to level 5. Nut earned a point of heroic favor for being entertaining!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Martyr King 5: Bayka Explodes

Adventure log for the fifth session in the "Legacy of the Martyr King" campaign.

Bayka smiles a cruel and eager grin. Seeing his old partner, Aymeric, he opens his mouth to speak. In this conversation much will be revealed. And afterward, there will be a fight to write about. Our heroes feel a chill run up their collective spines.

All except for Saffron. Growing up in the wilds of Dorma, she never learned to art of the dramatic. Either the enemy is alive, or he is dead, and the sooner the second, the better. She can feel the sacred plant strapped to her back, and decides to take no chances.

For a moment, she feels touched by a god.

Then the arrows fly.

Three arrows strike the inquisitor, finding chinks in his armor, penetrating skin, and organ, and bone, and with each arrow the inquisitor's face changes from surprise, to anger, to fear. He drops his sword, which sticks with a thud in the gangplank. Suddenly, the soulstone in his armor activates. Bayka is gone, seemingly teleported away, and in his place a yellow shockwave emerges, which in half a heartbeat destroys both ships. The heroes are thrown into the water, and nobody has a clue what happened.

Our heroes, confused and ears ringing, find one another, find their possessions (and Bayka's sword), and then look for survivors. the Crew is dead, except for a halfling named Patrick Fitzgibbons.

Nut crafts a crude raft, and our heroes make their way to shore, where they quickly dispatch of a handful of wolves. Patrick suggests that they make their way north to Breckshire, where they can potentially catch a ride. Patrick Fitzgibbons grew up in Breckshire, before he and his family moved to Dail. He also says that the wolves were likely sent by Hara the Witch, and more are on their way.

Instead of digging in and fighting the wolves on land, our heroes finish up the raft and head north along the coast. They can hear the wolf pack in the woods, following them, but they do not see anything.

Breckshire is a ruin, the victim of a massive wolf attack. They dig into the dock house, then defeat a large pack of wolves.

Hearing the sounds of screaming, our heroes round the corner and kill (and entangle) three dire-wolves attempting to finish off the population. A citizen emerges from a house, and thanks our heroes.

The citizen and Patrick talk. It seems that ships rarely stop at Breckshire, and they are extremely unlikely to do so now that the place is destroyed. Patrick wants an escort to Dail, where he can talk to his rich father about getting our heroes passage. Our heroes accept. The journey should take about a month.

About two weeks into their travels, they are attacked by 6 wargs. Nut learns a valuable lesson about charging into battle without backup, and Maven runs, and then falls to the rescue. He spends the rest of the battle on the ground, healing himself and Nut. Aymeric singles out a wolf and gives him his all. Saffron decides to spread out her arrows, then learns that it is perhaps not the best option. Castor is tripped by a wolf, and spends the rest of the battle rolling away from wolves and chucking bombs at them from the floor. Good fun!

This session took 2 weeks, or 14 days. It is now March 20th.

Our heroes are level 4. Maven earned a point of heroic favor for charging in to rescue Nut.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Martyr King 4: Leaving Puldash

Adventure log for the fourth session in the "Legacy of the Martyr King" campaign.
Bombs! That figures.

Saffron blunt arrows Flint into unconscious oblivious, then our heroes run upstairs. They take Mect, Flint, and George the caravan driver, but leaving the Simulacrum of Emut to his fate. Good riddance.

Upstairs there are a few druggies, but the bombs are quickly located by Saffron's incredible perception and disarmed by Nut and Castor. Kishii stashes are then retrieved, and Castor delicately rigs the place to blow for the next person who comes snooping.

Not fully trusting of Adrianne, and not wanting to go all the way back to Balba Stadium, our heroes journey a short way out of the city into the jungle, where they tie up Flint and speak with Mect.

Mect explains that Flint betrayed them to the Sartori. Given that both organizations traded in drugs, Flint worked with the Sartori to take the Black Hand out of business in exchange for a cut. The corrupt Dorian Gnome also wanted whatever the mysterious caravans were carrying, so he timed his betrayal with the heros' arrival.

Flint confirms the story. After much debate about what to do with the treacherous Gnome, including plans to have Flint deposit money in an off-shore bank account, our heroes decide that he simply cannot be trusted. Despite his protests, the Gnome's throat is slit. Serves him right!

Mect, demoralized and without an organization, decides to head back to Kathmar to meet up with the Black Hand there. When it becomes clear that George is terrified of them, they decide to let the poor caravan driver go. Good karma for all! But is it the right choice?

With that business behind them, our heroes return to the subject of the caravans. The contents of the caravans had clearly indicated that the Dorians were planning invasion into the country of Auger on the continent of Mildan. Our heroes, after some discussion, decide to head to Auger to warn the people there.

Our heroes head to the Puldash docks, and, after a bit of gathering information, find a perfect ship: the Wave Strider, captained by a man ominously named Scuttle. It's a small, 10 person crew, and the harbor is Auger. It appears to be transporting drugs, so it probably will be avoiding the officials.

Saffron demonstrates her ability to be an excellent lookout, and Maven shows off his healing skills. They are signed onto the ship without needing to pay. Scuttle is less impressed with the exploits of Nut, Castor, and Aymeric, but lets them pay to board his boat. And off they go!

A few weeks pass, and the heroes fend off some fearsome Draugr who climb aboard. Maven negotiates a partial return of fees, and Scuttle grumblingly agrees.

On the boat, our heroes get to know each other a little better, and swap some stories. Little is held back.

A few weeks later, off the coast of the wild subcontinent of Dail, the Wave Strider is hailed by a small dorian vessel. Our heroes, unsure what action to take, let events unfold. The Dorian ship, also outfitted strange black wood, draws near the Wave Strider, then grapples and lowers a boarding plank. Onto the plank steps a dark and fearsome looking Dorian inquisitor. He is dressed in black armor, and around his neck hangs a soulstone on a chain. And he is smiling.

For some reason, our heroes can't get this song out of their heads.

He addresses the heroes on board. "Where are the others?"

"The other what?" Ask our heroes tentatively.

"The other false martyrs of course." The inquisitor flashes a cruel smile. By this time,  Aymeric has made his way on deck. And he recognizes his old Inquisitorial partner, Bayka.

"I'm so sorry that your execution had to be delayed." Bayka draws a long, cruel looking Falchion. "But I'm here to make that right."

28 days have past, and it is now March 6th, 2000 A.F. Our heroes are level 4. Castor and Saffron received a point of heroic favor each for character chatting, and Maven received a special mid-game point for not wearing his armor while he sleeps! Nut received a point of heroic favor for dealing a whopping 49 damage in one attack!