Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Paragon Hags and Occult Covens

Witches gathered in occult circles. Crones tossing human eyes into a cauldron. Cultists raising kings from the dead.

This is the life of a paragon hag. It is a dark life, overflowing with mysterious power and evil pacts. These stooped crones will do anything for power. Their terror and cruelty are legendary.

Master occult rituals! Transform children into changelings! Broker lopsided deals with mortals!

Become the Hag.

Contained inside Paragon Hags and Occult Covens:
  • Rules for forming Occult Covens both as a hag and as a mortal.
  • The Hag Race, immortal and twisted beyond repair.
  • The Paragon Hag class, complete with fearsome claws, ritual spells, 10 family bloodlines, mastery of occult rituals, and three archetypes.
  • 19 New Feats, including Coven Training, Grandmother's Teeth, and Sympathetic Spell.
  • 6 New Rituals, including Crone's Walk, Embrace Changeling, and the terrible Exact Price
  • 3 New Spells: Hag's Ride, Hag's Touch, and Greater Hag's Touch.
  • 3 New Hag Creatures: The Bone Hag, Hearth Hag, and Moon Hag.



  1. So exciting to see this work come to life. What I really enjoyed most about this was the various family lines. They really expanded and added to the hag ecology. Certainly the new hags are interesting from a new monster or opponent standpoint, but the options opened for character hags are what what I really enjoyed exploring.

    The details on ritual casting are a nice touch as well, I've never really thought about using such aspects, so it was really pleasing to find out more about how those worked.

  2. I went into this project looking to explore the rest of changelings' lives, but there are so many cool legends of hags and covens that can be brought to the table. So now your hags work as part of an adventuring party, exact terrible prices for their magic, and twist what should be possible with powerful occult rituals.

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