Saturday, October 8, 2016

The Colossal Creatures Bestiary

The best monsters are big. Really, really big.

Within these pages, you will find 82 creatures of colossal size, from CR 1 all the way to CR 26 (as well as a CR 33 and CR 40 monstrosity): straightforward enemies like the bearhemoth and sharknado, nuanced complexities like the draconic abomination and dreamer's nightmare, pushovers like the rusted colossus and pastorix, and megabosses like the tribunal wheel and harbinger of time. You’ll find animals, constructs, dragons, swarms, spellcasters, angels, brain eaters, kaiju, dimension hoppers, living siege weapons, and really big raccoons. In fact, you'll find every type and CR in the game.

Need a colossal creature for an epic battle at any level? You'll find it in the Colossal Creatures Bestiary.

This bestiary contains 82 colossal creatures for Pathfinder, including: 
  • Dragon Molt: The discarded molt of a great wyrm, animated and given purpose.
  • Etherworld Fisher: An ethereal jellyfish who taunts and traps its foes through dimensional rifts.
  • Grave Blob: A mobile mass grave with death on his many brains.
  • Harbinger of Time: A CR 40 apocalypse-bringer, who grinds the world to dust under the inevitable march of time.
  • Kongimus Rex and Dracozilla: The King Kong and Godzilla of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game (forget about that silly tarrasque).
  • Tribunal Wheel: A CR 33 judge, jury, and executioner of epic proportions.
  • Yuggothian Shambler: A floral weapon of war for the hideous mi-go, complete with laser beams and spore launchers.

$4.99, The Colossal Creatures Bestiary


  1. This was my first ever experience working as a freelance writer, and it was honestly amazing.
    The concepts people were throwing around were amazing and got the creative juices flowing so well.

    I have spent the time since we all finished writing eagerly awaiting the release of the book so I can get my copy of

  2. I liked working for this book, and hope to work again with Zenith Games in the future.

  3. Working on this book was really fun, and I'm pretty proud of my contribution. Getting to work with so many great designers was an honor!

  4. So, uh... what system are these creatures for?

  5. It was a pleasure working with everyone else on these. Hope everyone enjoys them.

  6. Writing for The Colossal Creatures Bestiary was a great experience, and I appreciated the forum for critique from other authors before publication. It made my entry, the Procyon a ton better. I am very proud to add this as a new entry on my website - !

  7. I love it! Not only are all of these incredibly creative, but they provide opportunities for players to fight colossal creatures from a fairly low level, certainly lower at least than the official pathfinder bestiary monsters would ever allow. Any product that gives me an opportunity to pull out my WotC colossal red dragon figurine is an A+ in my book. I might even re-skin some of these for a Shadow of the Colossus style campaign. If nothing else, the Harbinger of Time creature alone was worth buying this book in my opinion.

    5 stars out of 5!

  8. Very nice- the CR is a bit iffy sometimes (The Colossal T-rex is only CR 10? That's less than the Gargantuan Spinosaurus!) and the prefix -hemoth is comically overused, many of these monsters are interesting and creative, especially the low and super-high CR ones!

    1. Glad you like it, and glad you thought the -hemoth suffix was funny! Enjoy!

  9. 5/5 Star Review from John S. on RPGnow

    Are you looking for an epic boss fight? How about an adrenaline-rush inducing start to a campaign? With "The Colossal Creatures Bestiary," that and more is possible and any level of a campaign or one-shot. From fairly standard (for a definition of 'standard') fights, such as colossal camels, to the eccentric and awe-inspiring (perhaps you wish to fight the high judge themself? one of multiple demigods? how about a colossal owlbear?), there's everything you could want in for some truly memorable fights. In addition, every creature comes with a paragraph or two of fluff to give you a better idea of how to fit the creature into your game. Aesthetically, the book could use help. While the cover is gorgeous, the rest is in black and white with pictures. Simplicity can be nice, but something a bit more personalized, or at least related to the subject matter, would be nice.

    Overall, I highly recommend this piece for it's awesome ideas and intruiging creatures.

  10. 5/5 Star Review from Anonymous on RPGnow

    I was worried this book was going to be filled with CR 17+ monster entries, but as soon as I cracked the book open my wories were subsided. With entries ranging from CR 2 to CR 40 (and everywhere in between), this book has something for every campaign and for every GM that wants to place a shockingly enormous token on the map, and watch the players squirm. What makes this book a real gem, however, is the vast array of unique Special Abilities that were penned for all of the creatures. It is a helpful tool for budding GMs that are looking for inspiration in creating their own unique monsters and unique special abilities.

  11. 5/5 Star Review from master4sword on

    This book contains 81 colossal creatures, ranging from CR 1 to CR 40, and covering every creature type. The table of contents also lists the creature's CR and type, so you know something about the beast before even turning to it's page, which I feel is a nice touch.

    Creatures range from the reanimated dragonskin of the Dragon Molt to the falling-apart Rusted Collossus, from the haunting Stormghost Ship to the massive Titankarp, from the undead pile of the Grave Blob to the time-crushingly powerful Harbinger of Time. No matter what level your players are, there's always a giant monster that you could work in and throw at them.

    My main complaint about this book would have to be the pictures - rather than having artwork depicting the creatures, each creature is accompanied by stock art of something similar - a butterfly for the butterfly monster, an hourglass for the Harbinger of Time, flowers for the massive plant that is the Yuggothian Shambler - which is unfortunate, as the pictures in a bestiary are a great way to see the monster, especially since descriptions only go so far.

    Overall, the book carries a fantastic selection of massive monsters, so I rate the book 4.5 stars (rounding up to 5 as ratings here don't do half-stars), and look forward to the chance to throw some of these things at my players.

    Disclaimer: I won a free copy of this book.

  12. Is this a book or PDF? It matters a lot to me, enough to decide whether I purchase or not.

  13. Hello, I have a question about the Pastorix. Where does it say how the blood drain is done? I can't find anything that states the Pastorix actually uses a blood drain attack. Thank you.

    1. Sure! Blood drain is one of those universal monster rules. You can find more about it here:

  14. I bought the book, where do I download it?