Tuesday, June 21, 2016

We Be Dragons

5/5 - Kim F.    5/5 - Jerry A.   5/5 - Richard Legg   5/5 - Ryan T.

A most unusual adventure for CR 4 dragon characters.

In We Be Dragons, the players control dragon wyrmlings out to avenge the genocide of their families. They struggle to save their adopted father against an assassination attempt, work with humans to locate the killer, and take on both a poaching company and a fallen paladin obsessed with the extinction of all dragons. We Be Dragons includes nine new playable dragons which combine the aspects of a classic adventuring party with true draconic flavor.

We Be Dragons is a one-shot adventure that serves as an excellent introduction to 5e or Pathfinder or a refreshing break for an experienced group. It is 24 pages long, fully illustrated, and only $1.99.

Included in We Be Dragons:
  • A complex and detailed draconic adventure with high emotional stakes.
  • Seven new enemies and NPCs, including poachers and a fallen paladin.
  • Challenging social encounters and skill challenges to test the breadth of draconic abilities.
  • Rules for adjusting difficulty to accommodate the needs of any group.
  • Nine new playable dragon characters, complete with unique abilities and personalities, including Arcane, Corruptor, Harmonic, Radiant, and Iron.

Praise for We Be Dragons
  • 5/5 "Absolutely amazing... This is an amazing story of fallen paladins and dragons adding their treasure to their very first horde ... Look no further! ... A very well done adventure that I will definitely be running every time I have a new group. Zenith Games, keep up the good work and make more draconic adventures for everyone!" - Jerry A.
  • 5/5 "For $1.99 this adventure is a BARGAIN" - Curtisin
  • 4.5/5 "What's not to love?!? ... There is so much to love about this adventure. If there was a text book example of how to write an adventure for dragon PCs, this would be it ... The adventure is that good ... Whether run as a one-shot or as an introduction for a dragon-PC themed campaign, players and GMs will find We Be Dragons to be a refreshing break from the normal routine" - Donald Robinson
  • "This was a really fun adventure to run and fun for my players as well ... Playing a dragon was a seamless transition. It felt like a breath of fresh air ... both familiar and new in a fun way ... It really was a blast to run ... My players are looking forward to future installments!" - Ryan T.
  • "Everyone enjoyed playing dragons and everyone felt like they were playing a dragon ... they would like to play it again sometime ... the challenge was a good one and we really enjoyed the game" - Scott J.
  • "It's a fantastic little module at a fantastic price point. Very cool." - Swoosh


  1. For $1.99 this adventure is a BARGAIN. (and for the very low price, considering the size of it, I'll rate it at 5/5).

    It'll likely take you a few hours to play through, but more importantly it gives players the ability to play dragons, which opens up a whole new series of opportunities for roleplaying and tactics for the players.
    The opportunity for players to test new dragon types (I hope to see more of these in the future, as in full-fledged rules for them to use as opponents) and to use old favorites if people want is much appreciated. So is the customization options of the (primarily) spellcasting dragons, to suit the needs of the individual player.

  2. Giving this product a 4.5/5! (Or for those that follow my reviews: 90 out of 100 points!)

    There is so much to love about this adventure. If there was a text book example of how to write an adventure for dragon PCs, this adventure would be it! I love the inclusion of some new dragon types, a new poison, and a new mundane item all packed into a one-shot adventure. One of my favorite parts to the adventure is the open-ended conclusion. GMs and players alike will enjoy this adventure so much that they will definitely wish to continue the story. The only problem, will the dragon PCs choose power or adventure when continuing the story?

    For my full review, check out: http://www.thedmdr.com/2016/06/we-be-dragons-product-review.html

  3. Absolutely amazing. 5/5 is my review score. There is an amazing story of fallen paladins and dragons added their treasure to the very first horde. Want to play something other than humanoids? Look no further!

    Each dragon -one for each alignment, so nine in total!- has it's own personality and abilities, from being heavily armored to sneaky to divine and everything in between. That is the reason any player will absolutely love them over the ones printed in the bestiary that are so cookie cutter.

    All in all, a very well done adventure that I will definitely be running every time I have a new group. Zenith Games, keep up the good work and make more draconic adventures for everyone!

  4. Zenith Games delivers again with We Be Dragons! I'd give it two thumbs up (or 5/5!) The adventure has a nice hook and it is clean, concise, and fun - everything I want in a one-shot adventure.

    The author gives a bit of background information and adventure summary at the start - along with a note on how to lower or increase difficulty of the adventure based on the number of your players. The first part of the adventure has several interesting 'thought challenges / social encounters' then kicks it into a gear with a few encounters - the last of which I feel provides a good emotional punch and capstone to the whole thing.

    The coolest part to me is the Dragon(s) write-up. While there are no "class levels" like some people may expect, we are instead presented with 9 unique dragons each with their own personality and tidbits written up to help you get into their scaly skin. The dragons are all one family, so you can see the dynamic between them in their background write-ups. Each dragon often has a 'class' mirror (like Barbarian or Bard), but possess all the unique and common traits of a dragon. The 'dragon' aspect of the PCs come first and foremost in their write-ups.

    The adventure ends on a satisfying note - though it tantalizes us with the possibility of a sequel in the future. I highly recommend We Be Dragons for a fun and unforgettable night of gaming. Players enjoyed it thoroughly and I look forward to more content from Zenith Games down the road.

  5. This is an excellent adventure well worth your two dollars!

    Running this one-shot was an absolute treat for players and GM alike. The pre-built wyrmlings are all made to fit a certain class archetype, like a healer or rogue, with familiar abilities, making them easy to pick up and play; the addition of iconic dragon abilities to each character, like flight and breath weapons, adds a level of depth and variety that is fun for new players and refreshing for experienced ones.

    The adventure is very concise, but with room to take as much time as you like approaching each of the encounters however you want. There is room for players to excel in tests of skill, combat, or socialization. The hook is very simple to its benefit, with a compelling villain.

    The ending leaves hooks for further GM invention, and hopefully sequels, with bigger dragons!

    If you're looking for a unique and fun one-shot adventure, don't miss this.

  6. Hi there and please excuse my ignorance - I forked over the $2 via paypal - I was wondering where/how do I collect my file/pdf?
    Warm Regards

    1. I email it to you! If can take a few hours, but it's emailed now. Enjoy!

  7. Thanks so much - I am so going to use this on my "off" days as GM, and I expect my players will have as much fun with this as I have!

  8. Late to comments here, but this sounds a lot like the plot of the 1st couple Age of Fire books by EE Knight, which I thoroughly enjoyed!