Wednesday, December 12, 2012

What Class Should I Play?

         It's a good question, and now we have the answer!

         Open up this Google Doc, and make a copy.   Then, in the column that says "Want or Do Not Want" place number 3 to -3, depending on what you want in your character.  Three means strongly want, -3 means strongly do not want, 0 means ambivalent.  After you do that, numbers will appear next to the classes - the highest number will indicate the class that best suits your playing needs!

What Class Should I Play? Questionnaire

Alternatively, looking for what class would best round out your party?  Check out the


  1. The spreadsheet has a typo in it. The formulae for the classes route B10 to B16 and B13 wrong as well. Someone ought to fix this otherwise excellent tool.

  2. You should conditional format the results to show in green the better options and red the worse (as a gradient) - super easy to set up.

    1. Great idea, and I just implemented it! Also put it into the How to Round out Your Party tool:

  3. The inquisitor doesn't calculate, just gives a #ref! error

  4. In the Rounding Out tool, the first cell in the Alchemist Vanilla/Bomber calculation has no formula in it. Also, there is no Warpriest.

    Otherwise, these are great tools.