Sunday, December 9, 2012

Heroic Favor

         Sometimes, heroes need a helping hand. I award heroic favor to my player for good roleplaying or heroic deeds.  It is a powerful and rare resource, and should be saved up for the most dire of times.

Gaining Heroic Favor

         Each player starts off the campaign with one point of heroic favor. Heroic favor carries over from session to session. However, a player cannot have more than five points of heroic favor at any one time. If he does, he is not eligible for more heroic favor.

         At the end of each game session, the GM will choose one player who has demonstrated the best roleplaying ability, and award him with one point of heroic favor at the end of the session. This means that he has made choices not based on optimization, but rather on background and personality, sometimes to his own detriment. It also means that he has taken the initiative in out-of-combat situations. Note that a character being taciturn or reticent is not an excuse for a player not to be engaged. In such cases, there are still plenty of roleplaying opportunities.

         Additionally, any character who posts at least twice in the campaign wiki's character chat between sessions will automatically gain a point of heroic favor.

         If your character is not up to date on the campaign wiki, you are not eligible for gaining Heroic Favor.

Using Heroic Favor

         Heroic Favor is very powerful. Whenever it is used, it must be accompanied by a bit of flavor. Only one point of heroic favor can be used each round. Heroic Favor can be expended for one of three things:

         1: If you are at positive hit points, and an attack would kill you through damage, then you may spend one point of heroic favor to ignore all damage from the attack. Instead, your HP drops down to negative half constitution. You are not stabilized.

         2: You may spend one point of heroic favor to transform a natural 20 rolled against you into a natural one. You may also spend a point of heroic favor to transform a natural one into a natural 20.

        3: If you are at negative or 0 hit points, and an attack would kill you through HP damage (negative con), you may spend two points of heroic favor to ignore all damage from that attack. If you were stabilized, you resume bleeding out.

      4: You may use a point of heroic favor at the start of your turn to attempt remove any condition you may have. Re-roll whatever save you made to get the condition. If you pass, the condition dissipates, and you may act this turn as if you did not have the condition. If you fail the save, or there was no original save that gave you this condition, the condition leaves you at the end of your turn. You may use this for bleed, blind, confused, cowering, dazed, deafened, entangled, exhausted, fascinated, frightened, nauseated, panicked, paralyzed, shaken, sickened, staggered, or stunned. You may not remove broken, dead, disabled, dying, energy drained, flat-footed, grappled, helpless, incorporeal, invisible, petrified, pinned, prone, sinking, stable, or unconscious.

You may only use these die rolls on yourself! You may not use them to improve or save others.

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