Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Undead Paragon Classes III: Banshee, Ghost & Wraith

Ever wanted to play a wraith?

Welcome to the strange and terrifying world of incorporeal undead.

Undead Paragon Classes III introduces three new 1-20 player classes: the Banshee, Ghost and Wraith. These classes provide strong, balanced options for undead players while hitting all of the classics of each monster. Undead Paragon Classes also delivers a 0RP racial template, the Ectoplasm, which can be added to any other race to make it an incorporeal undead. Why play a dwarf when you can play an ectoplasmic dwarf?

Included in Undead Paragon Classes:

  • The Banshee, a sorrowful screamer with powerful (but indiscriminate) area controlling abilities.
  • The Ghost, an obsessive spellcaster determined to share his pain with others.
  • The Wraith, a creature of pure darkness who dishes out death and destruction to stay in the fight.
  • The Ectoplasm, a 0RP racial template that can be added to any other race to make them incorporeal undead.
  • 20 Undead and Ectoplasmic Feats, such as Death Speech, Visions of Mortality, and Worked to Death.
  • Raise Spirit, a new spell that allows for transformation into an ectoplasm.



  1. Thank you, I've been waiting for this for a long time

  2. Id might be a very coolSource, but i would appreciate an explicit hint that this is for Pathfinder 1e. I myself found this from the "Pathfinder 2e: Guide to Guides" and thought it would be 2e as well...