Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Handbook to the Shadow Plane

Dark, mysterious, and dripping with ominous potential, the Shadow Plane is a favorite of spellcasters and arcane experimenters. Both coterminous and coexistent with the Material Plane, this strange realm provides creatures for summons, energy for spells, and a risky shortcut for canny travelers.

In this tome you will find some secrets of the Shadow Plane unmasked. The Handbook to the Shadow Plane provides new denizens, hooks, and qualities for the Plane of Shadow, including new rules on traveling between layers of shadow, plane-specific encounters, and treasures you might plunder from this mysterious world.

Inside the Handbook to the Shadow Plane, you will find.
  • Umbral paths, umbral portals, and the hazards therein.
  • The maddening curse of the baleful moon.
  • Memory stealing dusk snatchers and Umbral hags.
  • Shadow imbuements, umbral elixirs, and umbral compasses.
  • Spells such as darken the inner light and shadow puzzle sphere.
  • The shadow shaman spirit and the class-transforming shadow psychopomp hex.
Don't leave home without it!



  1. Going to the Shadow Plane? Make sure to bring this handy guide along!

    1. I'm not going anywhere near the Shadow Plane, but I DO have this handy guide... so my players will be. And some of the things in it... can come to them if they don't.

  2. Product is 18 pages. There are a few magic items and a few feats that play to the shadowy but will mostly only fit in with an already shadow-oriented character. The new monsters are solidly-designed towards their purposes and there's a good description of how they typically might interact with each other or coexist. Adventure hooks are included with a fully-fleshed out shadow spirit companion and Shadow Spirit Shaman class.

    There are examples of methods for navigation on the Shadow Plane (and across the Border and Deep Shadow) and the hazards you might encounter. The hazards are detailed and range from harmless (and possibly clue-giving) echo-y specters from the past to moonlit reflections that turn you into shady versions of yourself and keep you enthralled possibly until you drown in the gloomy waters their reflection plays off of. There are even suggested, higher CR variants for hazards located in places where the Shadow Plane touches too closely to the Negative Energy Plane or other dangerous areas.

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