Friday, August 10, 2018

365 Magic Items

Benjamin Medrano has made something incredible with 365 Magic Items.

Inside you’ll find weapons and armor, shields and rings, rods, staves, crowns, and wondrous items of all sorts.

You’ll find magical sets, such as the celestial crescents and set of the fool. You’ll find sets of sin ranging from envy to wrath.

Within are weapons of incredible power, such as bonedrinker, blade of the moon, and the elemental wheel. Alongside them are commoner tools, such as the coin of good fortune and magistrate’s gavel.

Have a character concept? You’ll find something for it within. Need a campaign-driving MacGuffin? Try the pearl of life or crown of the necromantic lord (or dozens more).

Maybe you’d like an eternity seal to lock away a cursed treasure? Or an ephemeral breastplate for a quick escape? Or a clone amulet for the ultimate backup plan?

You’ll find all that, and hundreds upon hundreds more, within.




  1. This one was a lot of fun! Some excellent items in here for every imaginable situation.

  2. Hey, it's up! I'm excited to see what people think of this, and I can't thank Zenith enough for the work he put into getting it ready for print!

  3. This collection is huge. Probably one of the biggest I've had the chance to go through and read. It definitely doesn't skimp on the magic items and I could probably turn it into a calendar (including Leap Year with the additional lesser and greater versions).

    While the magic weapon category is one of the largest, there's no shortage of rings (one of my favorites) or wondrous items of all types and slots (my other favorite because they can do almost anything!). There were some fun moments when I came across an item and went "Whoa, that's a lot like an item I had thought up myself. Interesting take."

    That's one of the things that probably kept me from taking the chance and creating my own compilation, the thought that it would be so hard to face criticism for items being too weak or too powerful and wondering if anyone would buy something that they could design or make up themselves. Then I realized, time is money and someone went to to a lot of time and effort to bring a plethora of content into one place [if you aren't using the Imperial measurement system, a plethora is about 2.2 butt-loads]. There's no question about that here; while the power levels, costs, and abilities run the gamut from amazing to useful for a certain type of character or situation, the amount of time, dedication, and creativity that went into putting this project out clearly makes it stand out, especially when it can spur the reader to their own new levels of fun and imagination.