Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Published Work

Here is my credit list under the name Jeff Gomez. Contact me if you need a hand with a product, or if you are interested in publishing under the Zenith Games line: zenithgames.blog@gmail.com

1,262.5k wrds and 76 Products since January 2015 
with Adventure a Week, Avalon Games, Fat Goblin Games, Flaming Crab Games, Kobold Press, Little Red Goblin Games, Louis Porter Jr. Design, TRAILseeker, Raging Swan Press, and Zenith Games. 

274k wrds, 16 products

Author & Developer101 Spells for the Common Man (Spells, 18k wrd), Zenith Games, In Production

Author & DeveloperUndead Paragon Classes II: Ghoul, Lich and Mummy (Race & Classes, 15k wrd), Zenith Games, 1/5/2017

Editor & Developer, Occult Secrets: The Occultist (Class Options, 10.5k wrd), Zenith Games, 12/16/2016

Editor & Developer, Occult Secrets: The Spiritualist (Class Options, 8.5k wrd), Zenith Games, 12/8/2016

Author & Developer, The Colossal Creatures Bestiary (Bestiary, 40k wrd), Zenith Games, 10/9/2016

Author & DeveloperWe Be Dragons (Adventure, 12k wrd), Zenith Games, 6/21/2016

Author & DeveloperRocket's Red Flare: An Independence Day Tale (Adventure & Firework Rules, 7k wrd), Zenith Games, 6/10/2016

Author & DeveloperSuperhero Classes: Superhuman, Animalman and Telepath (Classes, 11k wrd), Zenith Games, 5/31/2016

Author & DeveloperUndead Paragon Classes: Skeleton, Zombie and Vampire (Race & Classes, 13k wrd), Zenith Games, 5/6/2016

Author & DeveloperDragons Are Above My Pay Grade (Adventure, 12k wrd), Zenith Games, 4/11/2016

Author & DeveloperJacob’s Tower, Levels 1-13 (Adventure, 80k wrd), Zenith Games, 1/21/2015

Author & Developer, Deck the Halls: A Christmas Tale (Adventure, 4k wrd), 12/11/2014

Author & Developer, The Gobbler: A Thanksgiving Tale (Adventure & Character Class, 6k wrd), 11/7/2014

Author & DeveloperWe Be Zombies (Adventure, 13k wrd), Zenith Games, In Production

Author & Developer, Cursed Items, (Items, 10k wrd), Zenith Games, In Production

Author & Developer, Undead Paragon Classes III: Banshee, Ghost and Wraith (Classes, 14k), Zenith Games, In Production

565k wrds, 47 products

Contributing AuthorGM's Miscellany: 20 Things II (GM Aid, 1k wrd), Raging Swan Press, 3/27/2017

AuthorAnatomy of a War Camp (GM Aid, 2k wrd), TRAILseeker/ EN WorldEN5ider, In Production

AuthorPlayable Race: The Aerlim (Race, 2k wrd), TRAILseeker, 2/27/2017

Author, Village Backdrop: Bleakflat (Setting, 3k wrd) Raging Swan Press, 1/18/2017

Contributing Author, Deadly Gardens: Razorleaf Swarm (Items and Enemy, 1k wrd), Rusted Iron Games, 1/18/2017

Author, Anatomy of a Wizard's Tower (GM Aid, 1.5k wrd) TrailSeeker/EN World EN5ider, 1/12/2017

Product Line Manager/AuthorScorched Earth Core Rulebook (Ruleset, 61k wrd), Avalon Games, 1/1/2017

Product Line Manager/AuthorScorched Earth: American Wasteland (Setting/Bestiary, 30k wrd), Avalon Games, 1/1/2017

Product Line Manager/Author, Scorched Earth: Warriors of Scorched Earth (Bestiary, 10k wrd), Avalon Games, 1/1/2017

Author10 Travelers Who Want to Share the Fire (GM Aid, 1k word) Raging Swan Press, 12/8/2016

AuthorPlayable Race: The Kryte (Race, 1.5k wrd), TrailSeeker, 11/25/2016

Author20 Interesting Stalls (GM Aid, 1k word) Raging Swan Press, 11/10/2016

AuthorVillage Backdrop: Y'taris (Setting, 3.5k wrd), Raging Swan Press, 10/10/2016

AuthorVillage Backdrop: Suurin (Setting, 3.5k wrd), Raging Swan Press, 10/4/2016

AuthorTrue Martials, (Classes, 1.5k wrd), TRAILseeker, 9/25/2016

Contributing AuthorLetters From the Flaming Crab: Strange Weather (GM Aid, 2.5k wrd), Flaming Crab Games, 8/30/2016

AuthorUrban Chases (GM Aid, 1.5k wrd), TRAILseeker, 8/17/2016

Design/DevelopmentThe Mistfall Refuge (Location, 3.5k wrd), Raging Swan Press, 8/15/2016

Author, undeFEATable 23: Ninja (Feats, 2k wrd), Louis Porter Jr. Design), 8/3/2016

Contributing Author20 Things #5: Subterranean Mines (GM Aid, .5k wrd), Raging Swan Press, 7/29/2016

Contributing AuthorPlayer Paraphernalia #84 Domains of the Kingdom (Ten Nature Domains) (Domains, .5 wrd), Knotty Works, 7/26/2016

AuthorGhouling Playable Race, (Race, 1.5 wrd), TRAILseeker, 7/25/2016

AuthorSneak Attack Archetypes, (Classes, 1.5k wrd), TRAILseeker, 7/21/2016

AuthorVillage Backdrop: Umelas (Setting, 5k wrd), Raging Swan Press, In 7/8/2016

AuthorRunewright, (Class, 2k wrd), TRAILseeker, 6/9/2016

Design & Contributing Author, 20 Things #1: Seedy Tavern (GM Tips, 1k wrd), Raging Swan Games, 5/30/2016

AuthorHow to Run a Successful Festival (GM Tips, 1.5k wrd), TRAILseeker, 4/23/2016

AuthorPlayable Race: Grindylow (Race, 1.5k wrd), TRAILseeker, 3/10/2016

Editor, Arcana, Western Reaches, (Setting, 90k wrd), Avalon Games, 2/10/2016

AuthorSage (Character Class, 5k wrd), Little Red Goblin Games, 2/1/2016

Contributing AuthorAventyr Bestiary, (Monsters, 1k wrd), Adventure A Week, 1/4/2016

Editor, Comic Book Adventures, Mission Book 6 (Adventure, 8k wrd), Avalon Games, 12/5/2015

Editor, Comic Book Adventures, Mission Book 5 (Adventure, 23k wrd), Avalon Games, 11/1/2015

AuthorDark Paris (Setting, 11k wrd), Avalon Games, 10/11/2015

Editor, Comic Book Adventures, Mission Book 4 (Adventure, 27k wrd), Avalon Games, 10/4/2015

Editor, Nova Blast Star Fighter, Avalon Mini-Game #168 (Ruleset, 6k wrd), Avalon Games, 9/6/2015

Editor, Comic Book Adventures, Mission Book 3 (Adventure, 20k wrd), Avalon Games, 9/1/2015

Editor, Comic Book Adventures, Mission Book 2 (Adventure, 30k wrd), Avalon Games, 8/2/2015

AuthorSir Reginald Lichlyter's Guide to Magical Beers, Tankards, and other Inebrious Items (Items & Fluff, 15k wrd), Fat Goblin Games, 8/1/2015

EditorHeroes Wear Masks, Mission Book 1 (Adventure, 32k wrd), Avalon Games, 6/30/2015

AuthorCall to Arms: Powders and Dust (Items & Fluff, 12k wrd), Fat Goblin Games, 6/23/2015

Contributing AuthorWinged Cavalry (Character Class, 2k wrd), Flaming Crab Games, 6/6/2015

AuthorGregor’s Portrait (Adventure, 2k wrd), Avalon Games, 4/26/2015

Contributing Author, Call to Arms: 10 Foot Pole (Items & Fluff, 1k wrd), Fat Goblin Games, 3/29/2015

Editor, Infinite Futures 2.0 (Alternate Pathfinder Ruleset/Setting, 100k wrd), Avalon Games, 3/1/2015

Author, Ruins of Gilead (Adventure, 15k wrd), Adventure a Week, 2/23/2015

Author, Monster Hunter’s Guide to Vampires (Adventures/Sourcebook, 15k wrd), Avalon Games, 1/18/2015

In Production
426k wrds, 13 products

Co-Designer/DeveloperSteampunk Musha (Setting/Alt Rulset, 200k wrd), Fat Goblin Games, In Production

AuthorDivine Favor: The Antipaladin (Class Supplement, 7k wrd), Kobold Press, In Production

Author, A Tale of Two War Camps (Adventure, 6k wrd), Louis Porter Jr. Design, In Production

Author, The Overseer, (Class, 3k wrd), Louis Porter Jr. Design, In Production

Co-Author, Smuggler's Run (Adventure, 4k wrd) Chaos Trip Studios, In Production

Contributing AuthorAtlantis (Races & Classes, 30k wrd), Elton Robb, In Production

Contributing Author, Foes of Porphyra: Giants (NPC, 5k wrd), Purple Duck Games, In Production

Contributing AuthorDeadly Gardens Items (Items, 5k wrd), Rusted Iron Games, In Production

Contributing Author, Deadly Gardens Player Companion: Plant Magic (Spells, 2k wrd), Rusted Iron Games, In Production

Contributing Author, Galaxy Pirates Equipment (Items, 1k wrd), Evil Robot Games, In Production

Contributing Author, Villain Codex IV, (Bestiary/NPC Codex, .5 wrd), Swords for Hire, In Production

Editor, Raenor - The Bloodlands (Setting/Ruleset, 150k wrd), Darkbriar Gaming Studios, In Production

Editor, Arcana Journals (Setting, 13k wrd), Avalon Games, In Production

If you have an interesting product that you would like me to work on, I'd be happy to hear it.  Shoot me an e-mail at zenithgames.blog@gmail.com 

Monday, March 27, 2017

101 Spells for the Common Man

Why are there so many spells for flinging flame, but none for harvesting crops?

101 Spells for the Common Man brings arcane power back to the people.

Magic isn’t just for adventurers anymore. As the common folk go about their daily business, a select few augment their efforts using magic. No matter how rare magic is in your world, those working folk who possess the gift make good use of the following spells.

While these spells make life easier for the common man, a clever adventurer can find use for them as well. Rob a bank with silenced work, or create a distraction with awaken instruments. Jot down a confession with recorder’s quill or put a guard to sleep with bed-time story. Remove a watery obstacle with expeditious evaporation or track the passage of time with shadowdial. These spells bring life to your world while providing a fun, creative new toolkit for PCs.

Included in 101 Spells for the Common Man:

  • 101 Level 0, 1, and 2 Spells, categorized by class and likely profession.
  • The Arcane Worker, a new NPC class who mixes magic and raw skill to make his way in the world.
  • 8 magical NPCs to inhabit your world, including the arcane artist and town doctor.
  • Spells include abernathy's abacus, illusion of quality, and moneylender's mark, perfect for the successful banker.
  • Boil water, create ice, and fortify wine, an excellent pairing with chefs of all levels.
  • Create soil, locate stock, and scarecrow, turning a single farmer into a one man operation.
  • Bed-time story, schedule, and track child for the parent with too much to manage.
  • Enhance voice, perfect pitch, and game field for entertainers and musicians.