Monday, March 27, 2017

101 Spells for the Common Man

Why are there so many spells for flinging flame, but none for harvesting crops?

101 Spells for the Common Man brings arcane power back to the people.

Magic isn’t just for adventurers anymore. As the common folk go about their daily business, a select few augment their efforts using magic. No matter how rare magic is in your world, those working folk who possess the gift make good use of the following spells.

While these spells make life easier for the common man, a clever adventurer can find use for them as well. Rob a bank with silenced work, or create a distraction with awaken instruments. Jot down a confession with recorder’s quill or put a guard to sleep with bed-time story. Remove a watery obstacle with expeditious evaporation or track the passage of time with shadowdial. These spells bring life to your world while providing a fun, creative new toolkit for PCs.

Included in 101 Spells for the Common Man:

  • 101 Level 0, 1, and 2 Spells, categorized by class and likely profession.
  • The Arcane Worker, a new NPC class who mixes magic and raw skill to make his way in the world.
  • 8 magical NPCs to inhabit your world, including the arcane artist and town doctor.
  • Spells include abernathy's abacus, illusion of quality, and moneylender's mark, perfect for the successful banker.
  • Boil water, create ice, and fortify wine, an excellent pairing with chefs of all levels.
  • Create soil, locate stock, and scarecrow, turning a single farmer into a one man operation.
  • Bed-time story, schedule, and track child for the parent with too much to manage.
  • Enhance voice, perfect pitch, and game field for entertainers and musicians.



  1. This book was so much fun to work on! There are some great spells in here.

  2. Far too much fun to put together - lots of utility spells, useful for camping in the wilderness and...well, if you want to be creative...

  3. That book was very fun to contribute to! Many excellent spell ideas I'll offer to my players.

  4. Thanks to everyone's great work on this book, we were really able to bring together a cool grimoire of everyday spells: the kind that help build your world as well as your spellbook.

  5. I worked with Jeff Gomez, et al, on the “100 Spells for the Common Man” supplement, and I’m really excited about this product. There are some very talented and creative people involved in this, and I’m happy to have been offered the chance to collaborate with them. Don’t hesitate to check it out – it will definitely add a whole new level to your game!

  6. I had a lot of fun working on these, but I'm going to have even more fun having my PCs run into a spellbook full of them. They add a lot of flavor to the world—if you're playing in a high-magic world like Eberron, they're common spells for average laborers; if you're playing in a low-magic world, they might be the main spells the village wise woman would knows.

    Some of the spells are incredibly versatile, too. Imagine the countless uses for Boil Water a canny PC could come up with. You aren't just buying spells for background flavor—you're buying a book full of swiss army knives.

  7. 5 Star Review from Michael Cullen:

    This book provides exactly what is says it does. With plenty of material to justify the price. I look forward to sprinkling many of these spells throughout adventures.

    I think of these spells like spice, adding little tastes of flavor to a campaign.

    My only disappointment was that I dislike one of the spells. But hey, that's less than 1% right? Five stars.