Thursday, January 5, 2017

Undead Paragon Classes II: Ghoul, Lich and Mummy

Ever wanted to play an undead? Undead Paragon Classes II introduces three new 1-20 player classes: the GhoulLich and Mummy. These classes provide strong, balanced options for undead players while hitting all of the classics of each monster. Undead Paragon Classes also delivers a 0RP racial template, the Rotting Corpse, which can be added to any other race to make it undead. Why play a dwarf when you can play a rotting dwarf?

Included in Undead Paragon Classes:
  • The Ghoul, a murderous cannibal who weakens his enemies with disease and paralysis, then feeds on their flesh.
  • The Lich, an unbridled necromantic spell caster who burns his own soul in pursuit of greater power, and achieves immortality through a phylactery.
  • The Mummy, a blasphemous servant of the divine who slings curses and infects his enemies with horrific rot.
  • The Rotting Corpse, a 0RP racial template that can be added to any other race to make them undead (From Undead Paragon Classes I).
  • 17 Undead Feats, such as Bloody, Remove Head, and Grave Rider (From Undead Paragon Classes I).
  • Raise Undead, a new spell that allows for transformation into an undead creature (From Undead Paragon Classes I).


  1. This is great stuff, but is part 3 ever going to come out?

    1. Yes, though there are a few projects ahead of it. If part I & II got a few more 5 star reviews on rpgnow or, then that would definitely push it to the top of the list!

    2. Ok, I like it but I want to play with these first before I rate it. my rating is based on how much fun we have with it during play.

    3. Certainly! Give it a run, and let me know how it goes!

    4. Also I can't seem to find your books on Paizo right now because of their big playtest push

    5. Hmm, curious! I'll reach out to them.

    6. Any word on Undead Paragon classes III for the incorporeal creatures?

    7. Yes! I'll be getting a playtest out in the next week or so.

    8. Thank you. I've been looking forwards to this, want to build a campaign for my players centered around these classes so I wanted some more variety

    9. Well, here it is! Take a look:

    10. Any news on getting the undead paragon class books back on paizo (or even drivethrurpg for that matter)? I don't see much of your stuff at