Friday, April 25, 2014

Fire Blaster (Sorcerer Build)

Fire Blaster

Half-Orc Sorcerer (Gold Dragon/Orc Bloodline; Tattooed/Crossblooded Archetypes)
Burn Baby Burn

Okay, so you are playing a sorcerer so you can blow things up. That's fine, I get it. This guy should do the trick. It's hard for a sorcerer to do more damage than this. You are going to be rocking encounters like no other. All that specialization means that you are going to have to come up with something else against fire resistant enemies, but being a sorcerer means that you can cast on the fly if that ever happens.

Note: There is some rules discussion on if you can be tattooed and crossblooded. Ask your GM what he thinks before using this build.


1: Spell Focus - Evocation, Varisian Tattoo: Evocation from Tattooed Sorcerer
3: Greater Spell Focus - Evocation
5: Heighten Spell
7: Intensify Spell
9: Empower Spell
11: Spell Penetration
13: Greater Spell Penetration, Bloodline Feat: Quicken
15: Spell Perfection
17: Dazing Spell
19: Anything You like, Bloodline Feat: Improved Initiative


Cha > Dex > Con > Intelligence/Wisdom > Strength

As long as you buff up Charisma and keep constitution and dexterity positive, you should be fine.

20 Pt Buy
: 8
Dex: 14
Con: 14
Int: 9
Wis: 10
Cha: 19 (17+2)

Spellcraft, use Magic Device, and Fly are all must have. It's also worth pumping Intimidate, Bluff, and Diplomacy, given that your charisma modifier will do some of the work for you. Skills are not exactly your strong suit, so choose wisely

Magical Lineage: Fireball
Reactionary: +2 Initiative


Level 0
Take your pick. None of these are necessary, but use what you will.
Detect Magic
Read Magic
Spark - Not really necessary, but it fits.
Ray of Frost
Ghost sound
Mage Hand

Level 1
Burning Hands - Finally, we have some fire damage. Not great, but it will do for now.
Magic Missile - Here is something to fall back on if you are up against someone with fire immunity.
Color Spray - Always a favorite.
Charm Person - Always useful
Mage Armor - Just in Case
Shield - Just in case.
Flare Burst Cause Fear

Level 2
Scorching Ray:
Burning Arc:
Flaming Sphere:
Protection from Evil/Good/Order/Chaos:
Summon Monster II

Level 3
Fireball - Here it is, your bread and butter. Specialize, greater specialize, all that good stuff.

Level 4
Anything you like

Level 5
Fire Snake, All the way

Level 6
Hellfire - It's a little unclear what half fire, half unholy power means in terms of your buffs. Best case scenario, your buffs activated and it still deals half damage against fire immune creatures.


Take the Half-Orc preferred class bonus for Sorcerers at every level. That's going to be +1/2 damage per level for fire spells.

The Gold Dragon Bloodline allows you to deal an additional 1 damage on fire attacks for each die rolled. That's great!

The Orc Bloodline allows you to deal an additional 1 damage for each die rolled. That's also great! It also provides a litany of neat bonuses, and gives you better bloodline spells than Draconic bloodline.

Tattooed Sorcerer allows you to get Varisian Tattoo for free! It also allows you to specialize in specific spells (fireball)


  1. How can you be Tattooed/Crossblooded? Crossblooded is a archetype.

    1. Yes, it is. Given that no tattooed and cross blooded change different features, I see no reason that they cannot both be used. There is some discussion as to this, so I'd love to see an FAQ from the developers.

    2. Technically both Archetypes alter the 1st and 3rd bloodline power, so they cannot both be chosen. That is my understanding at least.

    3. you can take 2 archetypes so long as neither replaces or alters the same class feature. I'd say since cross-blooded alters the blood line powers and tattooed replaces them, tattooed would over ride cross-blooded and that would be it. at the very least I'd allow it in my games

    4. By RAW, they both alter your 1st, 7th, and 9th bloodline ability choice and as such can't be combined on a single character.

      In the FAQ its not quite the same but does discuss that Crossblood and Wildblood can't be combined for the same reason.

    5. Crossblooded doesn't technically replace anything and can be used on all builds. It let's you select the ability of either bloodline at 1st 4th etc etc. You gain the arcana of both bloodlines and your spells known per level goes down by one.

  2. if you choose half orc as your race, how do you get the human bonus feat?

    1. What human bonus feat? You get 1 feat from level 1. Varisian Tattoo is a bonus feat from the Tattooed Sorcerer Archetype.

  3. yeah, i double checked, and most character creation methods (like pathbuilder) dont let you choose both crossblooded and tattooed. they both alter the same class feature(s)

    1. Ask your friendly neighborhood GM then I suppose. If he allows it, then go for it. If not, then don't.

    2. well at least now there's a note mentioning its not 100% legit

    3. Hi ! Anybody stull here !? �� My DM approved the build! I’m happy with it cuz I love roleplaying and I have a very interesting psychology to apply to this build ! This character will be fun to play! Anyway, I need some more advice ! I’m starting lvl 7 with a +1 armor or equivalent (or bracers), a +2 weapon or 2 +1weapon (or equivalent) and one or two magic objects worth 10 000gp total to choose (and adventuring gear if I still have money from that 10k), I wondered what should I buy for this build! Also I have access to 7 ranks in a craft or proffession, what should I take, not that I need it but still, I don’t want it to go to waist. Thanks in advance for the advices ! Awesome build to set the world on �� here !! ��

  4. I'm using hero lab, and I don't see where the tattooed sorcerer is getting the ability to specialize in spells? Closest thing I see is that they can turn a spell into a tattoo and it lets them cast it a +2 CL.

  5. You said "Tattooed Sorcerer allows you to get Varisian Tattoo for free! It also allows you to specialize in specific spells (fireball)"

    I cannot find the ability to specialize in specific spells, unless you mean it's the 9th level tattooed sorcerer ability.

    1. I think it was meant the feat "Spell Specialization". It allows you to cast a specific spell with +2 CL, like the ability of the Tattooed Sorcerer, but whenever you want. It is a great feat, but you should have 13 in Intelligence, and Sorcerer often don't have such a high value in Int

  6. A crossblooded sorcerer has one fewer spell known at each level, and at every even level except 2nd (4th, 6th, etc...) a sorcerer would know a new spell at her highest level (she learns one level 2 spell at sorcerer level 4). So crossblooded means 1 fewer spell known per level putting the new level 2 spells learned at sorcerer level 4 to 0. So unless your DM house rules at least 1 new spell per level, this drawback puts a crossblooded sorc a full spell level behind wizards/cleric/druid.