Wednesday, May 15, 2013

GM & Player Resources

Here is a list of online resources that I use on a regular basis.  They include Random Generators, Map Creators, Character Creators, Art databases, campaign hosts, virtual tabletops, forums, and player finders.  Enjoy!

Random Generators
Seventh Sanctum:  Contains a wide variety of random generators, some serious, some fanciful.

donjon:  An awesome conglomeration of random generators, ranging from names, to towns, to dungeons (complete with traps and monsters), to entire randomly generated worlds and quests.

The Domesday Book:  Generates accurate demographics (such as number of guards or number of castles) for given cities, towns, or countries.

101 Fantasy City, Town, and City Maps:  From Inkwell Ideas, here are 101 wonderful maps of places that you can use!  Many links are broken, but still very work looking into!

The Archive of Nethys Random Treasure Generator:  A great random treasure generator with plenty of room for customization.

John's Dungeons and Dragons Utilities:  A range of useful tools, such as random name generators, loot generators, trap generators, and spell book generators.

Cartographer's Guild:  Not a random generator, but a wide range of pre-made maps ready for use!

Game Master Tools:  A variety of quick generators that are very useful for in play creation, such as physical characteristics, goals, and interesting rewards.

Unusual City Names and Unusual Place Names:  For real world places that could help you come up with some fake ones!

OGRE (Online Generic Randomizer Engine): Another great random generator with dozens of generators to choose from!

Abulafia Random Generators:  An entire wiki devoted to a huge number of random generators

1001 Mournland Horrors: A whole bunch of strange and unworldly events and areas that could inhabit the most bizarre areas of your campaign.  Exceptional, check it out!

PRPG Monster Advancer:  Easily apply templates to monsters.  This thing is amazing.

Map Creation

Hexographer:  A free downloadable program with a variety of tools to make an excellent hex map!

Pyromancer's Dungeon Painter:  An online grid tool used for drawing out dungeons.

Campaign Cartographer 3: A downloadable application with a host of features for map creation. Paid.

Character Creation
Guide to the Guides:  A comprehensive list of various Guides for Pathfinder, from character creation to GMing.

Guide to the Builds:  A list of interesting, powerful, broken, and inspirational builds.  Use them as models, or steal them wholesale!

Herolab:  A downloadable application for character creation that many people, including myself, swear by.  Paid.

PCGen:  A free, open source character creator for Pathfinder with all the bells and whistles.

Pathfinder Ruleset:  The entire Pathfinder ruleset, online and extremely well organized.  Well done!

Anydice: A strong dice rolling analysis tool that can be used for theorycrafting.

Pathfinder Point Buy Calculator:  Read the title!

Art Art, art, everywhere.  A lot to go through, but what you want will almost certainly be here.

DeviantART:  Another website with a crap-ton of art, not all of it fantasy related.  However, if you want to go digging, you will find what you want.

Campaign Hosts
Obsidian Portal:  A free online campaign host made for a variety of rulesets, including Pathfinder.

PbWorks:  My personal favorite, a very flexible free wiki hosting system that you can set up within a minute.

Gaming Background Music: A long list of links to songs, compiled into battle music, travel music, tavern music, etc...  Very helpful.

Syrinscape: A program to mix RPG sound and music to add ambience to your game - but you've got to pay for it.

In Play/Virtual Tabletops
Combat Manager:  A free application for windows and the iPad to help manage in combat play.

d20Pro Virtual Tabletop:  Like it says on the tin, a virtual tabletop.  Paid.

Roll20 Virtual Tabletop: Another strong virtual tabletop.

Paizo Messageboards:  This is my go-to forum for all things Pathfinder. Extremely active, very friendly and helpful.  Check out Advice and Rules.

Pathfinder Sub-Reddit: Just like it says on the packaging, this is the Pathfinder Sub-Reddit.

Giant in the Playground Forum: This is the forum for Giant in the Playground, covering 3e/ 3.5/d20/Pathfinder.

EN World: Massive forum for a range of different games.

RPGnet: Covers RPGing in general. Not too much Pathfinder specific information, but plenty of general information.

Player Finders
DrFaust's List of Player Finders:  DrFaust has posted a great list of player finders here.


  1. Wonderful page, but I'm hoping you can help me. I'm looking for dice table generators for fantasy games. Specifically 4th edition D&D 3r6, but I'll take anything I can get.

    Quothtr Google mall com

    1. Hmm - you mean a way to generate a bunch of die rolls? Like this: ?

  2. Really awesome list of resources. Thanks for compiling this list!

  3. Not sure whether youve heard of this but I use it in my games, really helps get the mood right. Paid but well worth it for GMs

  4. For character creation i only use Free, open source (mac, windows and linux) and has all books and even some adventure paths built in. Fantastic software in my opinion.

  5. Hey, the Pathfinder Point Buy Calculator link appears to be broken, I get a "This account has been temporarily disabled" message.

    1. Huh, that's a shame. Well, I'll leave it up for now in case they fix it.

  6. Heads up, the PRPG Monster Advancer link will apparently not work soon. When you click on it the new link is listed though, so it should be easy enough to change.