Friday, June 10, 2016

Rocket's Red Flare

Rocket's Red Flare
An Independence Day Tale

Celebrate this July 4th with an Independence Day themed module, or throw a firework show in your own adventure!

The PCs have entered into a fireworks show in the independent village of Washingtown. They hope to beat opposing teams and win the star-spangled banner for themselves! Through their perilous journey they navigate complex firework crafting rules, defeat enemies such as freedom eagles and the statue of liberty, and destroy Renedict Barnald, a half-elf who sold his soul to the dark god of fireworks.

Included in Rocket's Red Flare:
  • Extensive and awesome rules for crafting your own fireworks using magic or skill, as well as firework descriptions based on your choices.
  • The patriotic village of Washington and characters such as Uncle Sam, Renedict Barnald, and Samadam.
  • Three new creatures: The Freedom Eagle, the Statue of Biberty, and the Firework Elemental.
  • Sparklers, hot dogs, and griffon burgers.
  • Did I mention the firework crafting rules? Transform your spells into fireworks!
Rocket's Red Flare is an Independence Day themed one-shot for 3-6 Heroes of Levels five to seven (though it is easily adjusted for a range of levels).


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