Thursday, June 4, 2015

Races of Pathfinder: Triaxian

Triaxians are aliens, lets start with that.  They come from a world with long seasons, and their physical and emotional characteristics are determined by the seasons they are born into.  For some reason, however, his has limited impact on their racial traits, which prepare them for entry into a range of classes (mostly non-melee).

Racial Traits:
Ability Scores: +2 to Constitution and Wisdom, -2 to Strength is a great ability distribution as long as you are not going into melee. Everybody likes Constitution and Wisdom, and Strength is a dump ability for many classes.

Size: Triaxians are Medium size.

Speed: Triaxians have a base movement speed of 30ft.

Low-Light Vision: Probably not too relevant in most cases, but still, it's nice to have.

Keen Senses: +2 to Perception is one of the better skill bonuses to gain.

Bonus Feat: A triaxian character begins with a bonus feat that they qualify for. This is a great way to get started early on a long feat tree like the Point-Blank Shot line.

Seasoned: Seasoned is essentially one half of endure elements, either the heat or the cold.  If you know your campaign is going to be played primarily in desert or tundra, this can be an excellent trait.  Otherwise, it probably won't be too relevant.

Constitution and Wisdom key into plenty of classes, but you are probably going to want to avoid melee.  Druids, Monks, Clerics, Ranger, and Inquisitors are all great as long as you stick with a ranged focus (Zen Archer for the monk).  A melee focus brings all of those guys down to Green, but still very passable.  Gunslinger is also great with the Wisdom bonuses.  All of the partial-martials can also really benefit from the extra feat to kick things off.
Constitution and Wisdom are good, generic ability scores, so the ranged Fighter, BardUrban Barbarian, Paladin, and Samurai can all benefit.  The Cavalier and Melee versions of the above are likely Orange with the Strength penalty, though it's a close call with that extra feat.
None of the pure casters gain their primary ability scores, and they need to buff them more than anything.  Still because Constitution and Wisdom are always appreciated, and because a bonus feat is good, and because neither Intelligence nor Charisma are dumped, the Oracle, Summoner, Sorcerer, Witch, and Wizard are just as worthy of green as anybody else.
The Magus and Alchemist have little synergy here, gaining neither Intelligence nor Dexterity, so I would think about avoiding them.  Similarly, it is basically impossible to build a ranged Rogue (or Ninja, at least at lower levels), so the Strength penalty hurts.  Still, the bonus feat keeps these classes from pure red.  And again, everybody can benefit at least a little from the extra HP, Fortitude save, and Will save.

Racial Archetypes:
Season Keeper (Druid): The Season Keeper gives up a bunch of Druid abilities in exchange for some minor buffs to those near his animal companion.  Granted, the abilities she gives up aren't terribly powerful (trackless step, venom immunity, and timeless body), but the bonuses gained aren't too great.  Her wild shape is also made just worse, operating at a lower level unless she limits herself to either ice elementals or plants.  The only fun part of this archetype is that your animal companion now essentially has an aura of endure elements, and the image of a group of adventurers crowding around a radiating beast as they travel throughout the tundra is wonderful.  But really, you could just cast endure elements.  Its a shame that these aren't more powerful, as I very much like the general concept.

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  1. For alternate rational traits, I assume 'Transitional Lore' (+1 survival and knowledge nature) is most of the time going to be a sensible replacement?